Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'll give you one guess... to who decided this was acceptable church attire.


Memzy said...

Hmmmmm. I'll have to think it over .......wait for it........yup TBONE.

Lollerzing. Not just at him but at the iPhone user who posts during church.

ManicMandee said...

Looks like my son. He did the same exact thing today at church.

Jenny said...


Flem said...

My daughter's idea of appropriate attire was a T-shirt that said Roseaholic. I made her change which resulted in a showdown and in the end she wore a cute little red dress I bought for her for Christmas.

I wish that the inappropriate attire I deal with resulted in socklessness instead of trashy Ts because I would have been okay with that choice.

PS Second child syndrome.

Carol said...

Heeeeelarious. I laughed so hard I had to take a quick potty break. Gotta be Tbone

Sox said...

You used your iPhone to take a picture at church. Resourceful!

StandsMom said...

Being able to catch a moment like that on film and then posting to your blog to save the memory makes what you call your'freaking iPhone' priceless. Priceless, I tell you. I love that kid.

Br Boys said...

Welcome to my world. It's funny that it's your kid not mine.

Eve said...

At least his shoes match!

Flem said...

Okay what? I came here for my AI recap and nothing. Nothing. You are letting me down here sister.

So here is a post on your behalf for your readers:

Why does Jamie Foxx make me feel uncomfortable?

Why does Matt Giraud wear those hats?

Who is Paulers Pharmacist?

Top Five Breakdown:

Kris Allen
Swooner. Perfect performance yet again, definitely in the top two. They didn't even focus in on his lil wife though and who else was he singing to? All the teenagers in the audience, thats who. And me (landee) of course. Best line of the night "that clears it up."

Man can she sing. Who says she has no personality?? Isn't humility refreshing Simon? Why you gotta ask her those hard questions right after she knocks everyone's socks off? I'm with Randy on this one for sure. It is a SINGING competition. Besides she is hilarious and she really doesn't care what anyone says which is why I love her. Oh and she actually looked good. Props to the stylist.

Matt Giraud
Did the judges hear something different? Cuz it sounded like crap on my HD. J. Foxx is going to rue the day he said to drop it to a key that everyone knows the guy doesn't sing well. And the hat, people, the hat.

Okay memz now we all know why you love this guy long time. For the first time in weeks he really brought down the house. The roof was def. on fire.

Adam Ant
Okay this guy is such an incredible performer that it doesn't even matter what he does at this point. He is going to be picked up on broadway lickety split. I won't buy what he is selling but you can't deny it he is a @#$@# rider. Honestly.

Who will go:

Who deserves to go:

The next weeks are gonna be hard people, very hard.

Our Family said...

Thank you Flem for stepping in with the AI breakdown!
I too got on this morning and wondered what the heck happened to Landee! I'm slightly worried actually.
I honestly hope Matt goes home, but all of these top fivers are super talented. I have a bad feeling that Simon dug a grave for Allison though. He couldn't jab her on her vocals so he went with the whole "not committed" thing. Don't get it.

Jenny ESP said...

If that's bad, I wonder what you'd think about my boys' wearing flip flops.

Katie said...

Real black socks? My boys wear white athletic socks everywhere. One black sock is better than two white socks.