Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI: Rat Pack

So apparently I have a deadline for doing my AI recap.... for some reason I figured I had until the results show to air my grievances and submit my predictions. I guess not. I woke up to this from Flem....

Okay what? I came here for my AI recap and nothing. Nothing. You are letting me down here sister.

She then goes on to do her OWN post in the comments of my last post..... I shall put hers in italics so you can contrast and compare. She deserves to be recognized for her efforts plus you get a twofer today! Plus if you're interested in real-life banter betwixt The Flemsta and I, click HERE or HERE to listen to our latest podcast. Her is so silly.

I wonder if the Double X in Foxx was added later.... you know, for star power. A single X would not have landed him that role in Ray.

Why does Jamie Foxx make me feel uncomfortable?

Loved the shot of Adam getting his makeup touched up for Jamie FoxX's arrival.

Why does Matt Giraud wear those hats?

May 21st..... So You Think You Can Dance premiere!!!!

Who is Paulers Pharmacist?

I wish this woulda been the "Brat Pack" instead of the Rat Pack.... then we coulda had Simple Minds, INXS, and "If You Leave" by OMD instead of these lame "standards."

Top Five Breakdown:

Kris Allen
"The Way You Look Tonight"

He's got a little Pedro stache kickin' there.... not sure about that but YES on the suit. Very snazzy and by snazzy I mean yummy. He totally played the rat packer role to a T. The fact that I enjoyed the performance has everything to do with him and his impeccable vocals and boyish good looks and not the song. This night was torture for me as far as songs go. Too bad it was a bit "wet." What the?

Swooner. Perfect performance yet again, definitely in the top two. They didn't even focus in on his lil wife though and who else was he singing to? All the teenagers in the audience, thats who. And me (landee) of course. Best line of the night "that clears it up."

"Someone To Watch Over Me"
First of all, to pull a Pauler, she's never looked better than she did last night. I can't believe she just turned 17. She doesn't look a day over 40. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. I loved her voice. She won't win this but I think I will love her stuff she eventually releases.

Man can she sing. Who says she has no personality?? Isn't humility refreshing Simon? Why you gotta ask her those hard questions right after she knocks everyone's socks off? I'm with Randy on this one for sure. It is a SINGING competition. Besides she is hilarious and she really doesn't care what anyone says which is why I love her. Oh and she actually looked good. Props to the stylist.

Matt Giraud
"My Funny Valentine"

Thank goodness for the hat. Perfect night for a good fedora to keep "the thing" under wraps. He had some interesting runs in there that I enjoyed but I did not like that mobster accent he was crooning with though. And I didn't think it was great overall. What is with Simon saying he loved it? I think Simon is trying to mess with America. He's doing an experiment to see if his opinion is the only one that matters on this show. If Allison goes & Matt stays, we'll have our answer.

Did the judges hear something different? Cuz it sounded like crap on my HD. J. Foxx is going to rue the day he said to drop it to a key that everyone knows the guy doesn't sing well. And the hat, people, the hat.

"Come Rain Or Come Shine"

It's confirmed.... he has fresh breath. Memzy will be happy about that. Bump....set....spike! There is the consistency we enjoy so much! Enjoyed it. It looks like he's lost a few elbees too. Or maybe that is the magic of stylists I'm lookin at. Either way, looking good Mr. Gokey. Lookin' good.

Okay memz now we all know why you love this guy long time. For the first time in weeks he really brought down the house. The roof was def. on fire.

Adam Ant
"Feeling Good"

I know I should never be surprised but what is with that creepy Liberace suit? I think it was its sheen that threw me. Wardrobe aside...... holy cow. Niiiiice vocals. Could you believe that crazy long note? The camera had time to go all the way around him. Gty hated it. I liked it. It was a bit over the top for me to say I LOVED it, but it made me smile.

Okay this guy is such an incredible performer that it doesn't even matter what he does at this point. He is going to be picked up on broadway lickety split. I won't buy what he is selling but you can't deny it he is a @#$@# rider. Honestly.

Who will go:

Who deserves to go:

The next weeks are gonna be hard people, very hard.

Not really. Allison next and then it'll be how everyone figured it would turn out from the beginning. Who goes first from the remaining three though????????? We'll talk/fret about that when the time comes.....

Also, OurFam left a comment on Flem's "post" already (you gize are so on top of things!) and I have posted it below.... again, so her efforts don't go unnoticed.

Thank you Flem for stepping in with the AI breakdown!
I too got on this morning and wondered what the heck happened to Landee! I'm slightly worried actually.
I honestly hope Matt goes home, but all of these top fivers are super talented. I have a bad feeling that Simon dug a grave for Allison though. He couldn't jab her on her vocals so he went with the whole "not committed" thing. Don't get it.


Flem said...

Oh wow I knew yours would be awesome. I shoulda knowd you would pull something like this, reposting my little jest.

You don't have a deadline, really, but you have been so on it, next day (even 2 am sometimes!) that you created false expectations. I feel that way about desserts. One day you decide to dish up ice cream and your neighbor comes by disappointed you didn't make marble cream cheese brownies.

Memzy said...

Expectations ate a b*#^€ sometimes. Even Aunt Visor was freaking out and wanting me to check on you.

I have some things to say. Should I wait for the podcast?

StandsMom said...

We watched it real-time last night. Sorry there weren't any later texts, Landee. I woke up this morning, stretched, reached for my iphone (as usual), checked my email (just in case something showed up overnight, you know), checked Reader. Nothing. Didn't really think much of it until a bit later in the morning when I suddenly realized...what the..? Hey! So, I'm relieved to see you got a post up. I also enjoyed the extra comments. Fun FUN!

I have to say that Jamie Fox(x) makes me feel uncomfortable too, and I just can't pinpoint it. You know Mattie wears those hats because he's probably heard talk of his little forehead friend. Decided to keep it to himself. Which I'm glad for, btw.

I'm not going to play-by-play, but I enjoyed Danny. He's so cute. Adam's singing was enjoyable. I found a little grin playing across my face and even didn't want my hubby to see it. What's up with that? But the shot of his tongue up close? GROSSNESS! I turned away and waited for the note to end. As far as Matt goes -- what happened to him? Why isn't he behind his piano anymore? He has just sucked more every week. Too much pressure? It's sad. The boy does have talent, but it's all fallen apart.

Our Family said...

Here's the thing: You have a following of friends that now look forward to your take on AI the morning after. I didn't see your post and wondered if you were in a ditch somewhere. Seriously.
I was just getting ready to call to see what kind of state you were in and saw this new post and felt a wave of relief.
Don't scare me like that!

Carol said...

Tiffers, I know it's a burden to have so many depend on you for accurate analysis of AI--but Phlegm (Uncle Visor told me to spell it this way to tease Flem. We LOVE her btw--he just wanted to get a rise out of her) is right. Your past posts have given us high expectations. I took my iPhone to bed with me--kept checking, kept checking. Woke up this moring, checked, nadda. Texted you, nadda. Texted Memzy, asked her to check on you--then --BAM there it was. I giggled out loud and ran in to Uncle Visor to read it to him. He always asks--what did Tiffere think of so-and-so's performance. There you have it--we are you biggest fans.

eekareek said...

You know what they say about procrastination....

Jenny ESP said...

Did you know I watched this in a bar in Albion ID? Had the place to ourselves. It was extra special. Markie loved Matt and tried to vote for him, but his time zone had closed so he couldn't. It was cute/sad.