Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AI: Movie Songs

Thank goodness we have the musical guru Quentin Tarantino to give these gize some advice this week, eh? W/e. Stop telling everyone to dirty up their songs Q.

There's a time constraint so we only hear from two judges??? That'd be fine if every time one of the judges was Simon. Hey, AI, here's an idea.... how about cutting out all the indulgent rubbish at the beginning of the show like dimmed lights, judges intros and a 5 minute piece on Quentin's movies? Mmkay? So dumb.

Is that Katie Couric I see there with her bad hair? And I mean bad. She makes the chica from Jon & Kate Plus 8 look good.

"I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" Aerosmith
Good singing. Bad outfit. Lollerz that Simon said she was the only chance left for the girls. Ouch to Little. Way ouchie. I still am not a huge fan of Red, but she was deeseplus.

"Everything I Do" Bryan Adams
This is when I realized Q was gonna be useless. He wanted Anoop to do what? Make the song more rough? Move his arm in some Popeye motion? Q. Zip it. Stick to your violent movies and leave the AI contestants alone. Luckily Noopy didn't take Q's advice and was smooth like buttah. Not his best, but I enjoyed it. Also, anyone else think Anoop looks like Ray Ramano? Thought so.

"Born To Be Wild" from Easy Rider
Here is the Adam I love to hate. But apparently, according to Pauler, he "dares to dance on the path to greatness." ::crickets chirping:: Uh.... thanks? Bottom line is Adam can sing. However, that song is annoying and his performance could not have been more over-the-top dramatic nonsense. I was not diggin' it. He still gets me with his subdued performaces tho. I am watching his "Tracks of My Tears" on my phone right now to remind me that he can be better. Love it.

"Have You Ever Loved A Woman" Bryan Adams
Matt and his little forehead friend were back in action this week. Ungood. Too much variation on the melody. Plus I'm comparing him to Daughtry's performance of that same song which I watched no less than 100 times... by myself... often in the dark..... He really couldn't compete. But, even still, probably one of his worst performances to date. Oh, and wear a hat, Matt.

"Endless Love" from Endless Love
Interesting look he's got going on there with no glasses. I kinda liked it. Probably the worst song in history though. I cannot get over how much I have hated all of his song choices. Such bad crapola. He did finally kinda mention his wife there at the end by subtly looking up to the heavens on his last note. I've said it before... Danny is smart. He does that look up thingy, Simon mentions it being an emotional song for him, those not "in the know" now wanna be "in the know" and are gonna do some research on his situation. Danny gets to play the widower card without actually having to say anything. Brilliant. My hat that Matt should have worn is off to you, Danny Gokey. Well played.

"Falling Slowly" from Once

Bawling. Bawling like a baby!!! LOVE that song. Love his tender performance. No guitar to hide behind this time. Just him, out there, singing an amazing song. Best of the night. This also revealed Randy's ineptitude. Hey Randy, you know what is pitchy? You know what I'M not feelin'? That ugly cardigan you're wearing, Dawg. Shutty. For once Kara had something to contribute. This performance was the one that really made me mad about the Simon-not-commenting-every-time thing. I would have loved to hear what he had to say.

"The Rose" Bette Midler
Worst song ever. Worst adaptation of worst song ever. Worst attitude problem after worst adaptation of the worst song ever. Worst outfit ever (it disguised her backside too much which is the only reason I endure her performances). Booooooo, Little. Booooooo.



(I've watched it 15 times already)

(for the 2nd week in a row)


Carol said...

Yeah! I'm first to post a comment. I thought about texting you and telling you to hurry up and write your reviews--no need--you're fast. Loved your comments, as usual and agreed with most. Please, please tell me that Adam is not going to win this thing. I know it's too soon to worry but he always looks like HE thinks it's in the bag. I ask you--what song could he record that I would listen to on the radio? None. He must go back to broadway and the stage. That is clearly his niche. Yes, Lil should go home pronto. Matt is not far behind. Danny is still on my good list as is Chris--but I still want Anoop to win.

Carol said...

P.S. I can't talk about Red. she's good, but I don't want her to win. Period

Flem said...

You are blinded by good looks. Chris was not good last night. At least from my sketchy view on rickey.org (shoutout to Rickey for making it available practically live).

Adam is over the top, but man can that guy sing. He has never missed a note in his life.

I love all the songs Dueling Pianos picks, really, but I don't think he sings them the way I would so he is in my mind, out. Lil was very pretty and she sang it well. Too bad Napoleon Dynamite has ruined that song for ever as a geeky white song. Gonzo: Matt. In trouble: Chris. Red: awesome singer but bad pick. Not her fault, tho, since she is 16. What movies can she even have seen?

Missed Quentin but don't care.

Memzy said...

It kills me that Q is there and no constant Simon. Hated.

That being said: I love that song Kris sang so much that Sherod was watching MY reaction the whole time instead of the song. Looooooooooooooooove!!!!!!!!!!

Cristin said...

I'm lovin your recaps, it helps to know which songs to look up. haha

I heart Kris and I heart that song! He did awesome!

Markie23 said...

So Q has made movies that have music in them, and that makes him a music expert? O....K. He is also one freaky lookin' dude.
To the contestants:
Red: just a'ight.
Anoop: One of his best
Adam: Rocky Horror Picture Show (not my thing)
Matt: He is so ALMOST exactly my kind of performer, but keeps coming up a little short. I WANT him to do better.
Danny: Very nice.
Kris: Not as good as his "Ain't No Sunshine" performance (the only song I've downloaded this season)... but it was his 2nd best performance.
Lil: I am bracing myself for the anguish I will feel when she gets voted off and the judges use their "save" to keep her. At least that's how it played out in my nightmare last night.
Honestly I don't think Lil will go home tonight. The "Vote For The Worst" campaign is very powerful. It got Barak Obama elected, and now it has its sites on Lil.
My prediction is Matt.

Our Family said...

I've watched the Kris song 3 times last night and twice this morning. LOOOVVVED it. I pre-ordered the song even which I've done zero times.
Randy saying he was pitchy was as shocking as his choice in cardigans. Even more so. The dog was way off base.

My most unfavorite last night would be Lil and then Matt and then (hating to say this) Adam. I think Lil started to go down hill as soon as she got the new hair-do or don't. And as it gets longer she gets worse. It's a proven theory.

Landee said...

Flem, first of all it's KRIS, not Chris. B) You are so off this week. C) the first .5 seconds of Adam's last high note last week (Mad World) were off. Go back & listen. <---just showing where you were wrong... again.

But true, the Happy Hands club on ND did The Rose much better than Little. <---- just showing that I still heart you long time.

The rest of you.... right? I know!

Markie, perfect analysis of Matt... So close, yet so far away. Is it in his execution or his ideas on how the song should end up sounding to begin with? Is it the forehead thing? Be honest.

Katie said...

I so missed it! Again! That was the last straw. I unset 18 kids and counting.

Kris sang Falling Slowly? I love that song. I blogged about that movie when it came out. Even bought the CD you guys. I am pretty sure that means I love it more than you. I am going to be all over youtube today, trying to make it up to myself.

eekareek said...

Landee, Spot on.

Flem, Kris was dang good.

Markie, don't need to worry about Little being saved. Simon no likey her anymore.

Memzy, I want to see pictures of your new house. I know that has nothing to do with AI but.....just send me some picture!!

Carol, I totally agree with ya on Red. She is good buuuuuuuut.....

Cristin, GET CABLE!!!!!!!

Our Family, hi my name is Sara. It is nice to meet you.

Katie, I completely understand why you want to watch 18 kids and counting but can't you just watch the reruns on another day? Get your priorities straight.

Okay that is everyone.

Jenny ESP said...

My love, my love, my... endless love. Barf. I had a feeling he'd have bad taste in songs. Kris was easily the best of the night. And he picked the best song. And is there any point in me saying this now that the results are in?