Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The AFB: Welcome to the Big Time

So Gty and I are going rogue and starting our own "podcast network." I will still keep doing the AI stuff with Beanmon (or his Indian name "Sits With A Guitar") until he gets rid of me due to conflicting interests but ever since he gave us the idea we've been dying to try it on our own.

We can't stop talking about the endless possibilities, guests and fun we would have. All of you who are reading this can go ahead and consider yourself a future guest on my show, by the way. Unless I call you specifically to tell you you will NEVER be a guest, you best be preparing some material.

My problem is that I can't quite come up with a name for my show. Gty was like "Just call it The Landee Hour" and I was like "No, that's lame."

So I am proposing a bit of a contest here.... whoever names my show gets to be my first guest! And yes, I get to pick which one is the best name cuz it's MY show, duh. Just so you know where I'm coming from I was kind of thinking of calling it The Girlie Show (ala 30Rock). You're gonna need to top that or else I'll be my own first guest.

The email for our new network is: afbpodcast at gmail dot com.

Email any subjects you want my guests and I to cover, any reactions to things we said, etc. You know, just like you'd email Imus or something. Cuz I'll be pretty much like Imus, without the racist comments and crotchity attitude. It would be fun to read emails on air & discuss.

Gty and I will be doing our inaugural podcast tonight and then I'll let you know how to search for it and stuff in iTunes.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves here.... your first item of business is to name my show.



Katie said...

Oh. My. Gosh. You are totally famous now. I am thinking of some really great names as I type...

Oooh, How about blogging live
30 minutes with Landee
Blonde Awesomeness
Not Boring at all
Yeah, I Have a Podcast, jealous?

Cristin said...

I like all of Katies ideas. Can I borrow hers and say they were mine? Otherwise...I got nothin, but YAY on your own podcast!!!

Markie23 said...

SmartRemarks - the podcast.

Markie23 said...

Or is that trademarked?

Katie said...

What? You want more? Can't get enough of me? Happens all the time.

How about:

True Tiffany
Tiffany Tartness
Tiffany and Garret Sitting in a Tree
Nuggets Of Truth
Wisdom brought forth:The Anderson family story
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Girlies Show

Memzy said...





It's Like Sienfeld,....but a girl.

Flem said...

Steve's votes:
-Tiffany kicks a$$
-Landee Hour

Lee's votes:
-Why Not Broadcasting (a lot of people ask why, we ask why not)

-Who Cares (not us) Broadcasting

-A5 Broadcasting


-Subscribe to This



Flem said...

Also ran:


Annie said...

Are you sure you're not going to be like Imus or something 'cause that's what I was kinda thinkin' in a nice way and all. I wish I had some real witty suggestions for ya but I'm pretty sure you going to come up with a great name all on your own. Now if I can just figure out how to hear these podcasts. You wil give some kind of tutorial won't ya?

Jenny ESP said...

SmartRemarks is trademarked, but you can certainly use it. You just have to give me fitty cent every time you say it.

K, I got a bunch:

Landee's Backyard Baseball

Mrs. Cullen goes Rogue

Rogue Leader

The Rocky Mountain Project

The Eagle has Landee



Landee 101

Landee Anderson, and the Sorcerer's Stone

The Fricken Sweetest Podcast Ever

The Secret Life of Landee

Confessions of a Blogger

The Hunger Games

and, my personal fave...

A Series of Unfortunate Podcasts

RLN said...

My idea is "4realz" I think that your show would be about real stuff, real issues and really cool people like me being a guest. What do you think? This is such a great idea! Can't wait!love, Shell

Markie23 said...

Got a few more:
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Breakfast with Tiffany
Team Landerson
Moving Mountains

Katie said...

Listened to your podcast with Flem. Big Fan!

How about Landcaster?


May not win me a booking as your first guest. But in the future, if you ever decide to cover something hard hitting, like sexual harassment by garden gnomes, and need a victim's perspective...

Katie said...

What you want more?

iLandee...Dang it Jenny!!

Carol said...

The titles I came up with are not nearly as good as the ones already mentioned. I am so excited about the whole podcast idea and look forward to Landee and Gty's words of wisdom and humore. If you want funny stories--I'll send you, "Cris being a good samaritan--IN the carwash". You can't make this stuff up.

Our Family said...

If this is a podcast with you and Gty it needs to somehow include both your names. I'm thinking...
Maybe GittyLand.
You will also need to end or begin your show with a certain phrase to be legit. Think Paul Harvey. Think Good Times Burgers.
So is there something you two always say to each other? :ahem: That can be repeated on a public podcast I mean?
You guys are going to be famous. Stars. Podcast Royalty.

Markie23 said...

Landee of the Lost
Landeelu Who
S.W.A.G. (Sits With A Gty)
Extra LG (Landee & Gty)