Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI Results Show: What The?

BeeBee woke up with this crazy hair this morning as a fore-warning of what was going to occur on tonight's Results Show.


That save was obviously burning a hole in the judges' pockets.

I'm not sure Matt deserved it, but it did make for some pleasant drama. I was genuinely happy for him all the while knowing he'd just be off next week. They didn't save his forehead friend tho. That's gonna be awkward.

JHud looks good. She's worked it out.

Miley Cyrus is TERRIBLE. If you remember I had the misfortune of paying $50/ticket to see her at Stadium of Fire last summer. She's Landee Enemy No.1. Extremely nasaly. Couldn't even see her through all the smoke. She dances like ToddlerDancer.

I told you Simon would have loved Kris' performance. TOLD YOU. ::eyeing Flemmy::

When Little started singing in the groovy ensemble performance of "Maniac" Tbone points to her and goes "She sounds just like LaShauna on Total Drama Island!" We obviously need some diversity around here.

I was glad LilRed wasn't in the bottom three this week..... I found this video with her singing an original song and I've realized I've got her pegged all wrong. I have been judging her based on these lame themes she has to conform to each week. I actually think I would like a future album she might put out.... kind of a mix between Kelly Clarkson and Pink. Also, I think her unnatural hair has been off-putting to me. I think she looks great here with a nice normal brown do. Take a listen:


Memzy said...

Top of your game Landeelu Landerson. Top. Of. Your. Game.

StandsMom said...

I didn't watch the whole show. I sat down after the kids were in bed, turned on the tv and saw Giraud just being placed in the bottom three. I did clap when aNoop was sent back to safety. I did not clap when L=i=tt=le was also safe. Come ON! Really? I didn't see Jennifer Hudson sing. I'm just assuming that's what you mean by JHud. I couldn't understand a word Mylie said. What is up with that? And, my mouth absolutely dropped open when they saved him. I immediately thought that he was just going to get voted off next week too. At least he has a chance to redeem himself. This weeks performance was PIT EE FULLLL! I was still quite pleased that they didn't use their save on Blindy. Ha HAAAAAA!

Flem said...

Judges plan: Get rid of anoop and lil. They don't care after that, but they know those are the next two to go and they don't want to waste the save.

Totally predictable.

Of course Simon loved Kris the next day when he knew he was safe.

I heard that you have to pay to get Hannah Montana who is a way better performer than Miley (no lie, for real you pay more for the Disney name). I think Miley is using AI to propel her real name into fame (and my friend pointed out that of course she wants to break up with Disney as she ages). Either way she isn't good. Most of the performers on the show (remember Maroon 5?) pale in comparison with the idols who can sing under any circumstances, not just in a studio with a specific genre.

Whew. You are making me work this morning.

Our Family said...

I went to bed last night with "falling slowly" in my head and woke up with it in my head this morning. Bad sign that I've heard it one too many times.
I think Allison has an Incredible voice. I'd by her album in a she's like bbq sauce now, which I love as well--even if she resembles a troll doll.
Miley Cyrus stinkeths.
Loved BeeBee's hair. I have similar pics of Sydney that will astound you.

Our Family said...

OOOPS. I meant buy instead of by.

Markie23 said...

Who called it? WHO CALLED IT?? Markie, that's who. Everyone else said Little, I said Matt!
I admit I didn't foresee the judges saving him, however the moment Simon said "you have no chance to win this competition", I knew he was saved.

Jenny ESP said...

Maybe cut back on that mane and tail for Beebs.

What an anticlimactic use of the judges' save. Bring back an uttaly fagettable contestant right after an indulgent nonsense performance?

Katie said...

A shout out to normal brown dos. I would like to point out that I started that trend...

Why couldn't it just have been little to go home? She bugs, big time. I can't stand her blackness singing whiteness.

About red, thank you. I like her now, and I really needed a girl to like on the show.

Carol said...

I second Katie's "thank you" for the video of Red when she was brown. Much better and I actually thought she was OK.

eekareek said...

I would like to shout out to the phrase "shout out".