Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AI: Songs from the Year They Were Born

I'm so ooooooold.

Baaaaad time management, American Idol! How dare you go over your allotted time! In this day and age of Tivo you simply can not do that. Just ask Jenny.

I'm tired after my whirlwind trip to Boise. Sorry if this is lamer than usual.

Danny (1980): You know how you get a new toy and you love it and then you get sick of it 5 minutes later? That is what has happened with me & RDJ. He's lost his luster. He no longer makes me smile. I think I'm gonna break up with him.

Kris (1985): He wanted to be a taxi driver? Interesting. Why must these gize go out into the audience? I swear.... so annoying. I need someone to give me ONE GOOD REASON why they should do this. It does nothing but make all of us at home go "huh?" That being said, I thought he sounded quite Jamiroquai-ish tonight. I liked it.

Little (1984): SOOOOOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. Gag. Boring. Yuck. That dress was awesome for the ole bum shots though. It did the opposite of disguise it which can only be good.

Anoop (1986): Mmmmm.... Anoop. He was beautiful.... like a raaaainboooow. Loved it. Loved the R&B/soul spin he put on this 80s song. But I worry about Anup (as his cute parents call him). Can he do an uptempo song without looking like a doof? Can he? Love the slow ballads tho.

Blindy (1985): Terrible. Awful. Indulgent nonsense (plz say that in an english accent). The guitar was a prop. I wish the hair were a prop but I'm afraid it's here to stay. Terrible. Awful.

Allison (1992): She was smart to do a slow song this week. She needed to show this side of her. Plus I love that song. Not sure why. Always have. And I totally agree with Simon. She's not likable. I don't know what she could do to change that but it's the truth. Randy comparing her to Kelly Clarkson? C'mon. Be srs.

Matt (1985): After that embarassing angel video I have no idea how he managed to go out there and sing but he did. Another Jamiroquai-esque performance comin' atcha. I was worried when he wasn't doing the piano thing (which is one of the things I like most about him) but I liked it. Plus with that hat it covered up his little forehead friend. I want a "The Giraud Squad" t-shirt for my b-day, btw. One of you, make it happen.

Adam (1982): My suggestion to Adam is if the word "tears" is in either the name of the song or the name of the band, he should sing that song. Haunting. I love the subdued Adam. However, my favorite part was during his little video thingy when his mom was saying "Adam was interested in everything... books, singing, art..." and then his dad goes "but sports...not-so-much." Lollerz. So stereotypical.

(wishful thinking)


Adam/Anoop tie



danandcami said...

I don't get to watch this, but I am the first to leave a comment so I had to! Love your blogs, they always make me smile!

StandsMom said...

Oh......yes. Glad to know you made it home safely. Can't WAIT to watch with you tonight. I too am very ANNOYED that they talk so much to the first people, they run out of time for the last. Paula needs to shut right up and stop throwing out so many irrelevant comments. I want her voted off. Do I say that every week? Well, something like it at least.

I felt a little luster gone too with RDJ. He's gotta kick it up. Wear something different, rock it out and take someone's breath away.

Kris was cute. Couldn't stand the crowding around him. Again, it made me feel like he shouldn't have been able to breath. Back off, man!

Li-tt-le. Loved her outfit. That was all I liked. Barf. Why do they keep talking about this 'mad talent' that she has. I don't see it. Am I missing something?

aNoop. Really cute pictures of a little Indian boy in his Indian clothes. I liked his song but I didn't feel any gushing. Sadly, I think his luster has worn off for me too.

Blindy. GO HOME!!!!!

Allison has a voice that amazes me. I just can not believe it comes out of a girl so young. I was really happy she slowed it down so some more of her purely natural talent could be heard. There's such a difference between belting and then using control on the slow songs. Wow. Still can't stand the color of her hair, but I'm thinkin that girl better be at the final. I sure hope that because they already had a winner like Jordan Sparks, that the producers won't be 'discouraging' Allison's win. Geeeeezzzzzzz!

I was thankful for Matt's hat as well. He did a pretty good job. A little sharp. But I still like him.

Okay...I know I said two weeks ago after his first slow ballattt that I wasn't going to like him ever, no matter what. Last week, he happily supported that standing and then this week he had to go and sing one of my favorite songs. You know....the song you reeeeealllllly like, but kind of forget about, until you hear it again and then remember how much you used to love it? Not only that, but his high range through the whole thing was awesome. I say, very quietly so you won't know it really came from me, that I even looked on itunes. Watched the preview of the video from last nights performance. Shhhhh. Don't tell anyone. Adam reminds me of my nephew. Maybe we can discuss sometime.

I HATE that these kids were all born in the 80's. How can it be possible that Danny is the oldest, born in 1980? I'm so OOOOOOLD too!!! Allison was born the year I finished high school. Yeeeouch!

Flem said...

You obviously didn't hear that her name is lil. Not little.

I agree with you mostly except I find red very likeable and I hope someone voted a ton for her since I couldn't watch her last night.

Our Family said...

I didn't get to watch Adam's performance, just a bit of his interview. Yeah, the comment about how he wasn't into sports, followed by his own comment of playing dress up confirmed the gay factor. Right? Am I the last to have this confirmed?

Loved Allison. She does need to come up with some more personality, but she rocks in every way except her outfits.

I too wanted to be a taxi driver when I was a kid.
Oh wait....I am one.

eekareek said...

Danny desperately needs to have a break down about his wife. NOW!!!! I WANT TEARS!!!!! I WANT DETAILS!!!!!! I WANT SNOT RUNNING DOWNS HIS NOSE AND INTO HIS MOUTH!!!!! He is not getting my vote until it happens.

Kris is always cute and sings well but last nights song was GROOOOOOOOVAAAAAAY. Not impressed.

Scott just kept the groovy theme going. The guitar was so awkward and him standing there was so uncomfortable that I almost loved it. You know, like love to hate I mean.

Anoop. Ahhhhhhh Anoop. I am so proud of him when he has a good night. I am also totally cool if he just makes a love CD full of ballads for me. I know next week he will try and do cool again and be in the bottom three because he likes to live on the edge. He is just untamable.

Little. Little. Little. Why is it that every week she does a bad job and every week the judges say she does a bad job (but she has mad talent) yet she is never in the bottom three? Is that AI trying to cover their butts to keep a minority in the contest? Interesting. Lets see what happens tonight.

Allison. What did she sing? It was a slow song? Huh.

Matt is much more fun to watch without having to see his twin on his forehead. In fact, since he kept it covered up I even voted for him.

Adam. I feel for his dad. All he wanted was a son who likes sports. Instead he got a singing, gymnastic (I don't know if that is true or not. Just taking a gamble) acting, fruity son who looks just like Kurt Russel when he is trying to hit those high notes. Loved him. He moved mountains.

BTW people, set your dvrs to go over by five minutes for AI and then you won't miss anything. Or record the next show and you can catch it that way too. Adam's performance last night was so good and I feel bad for those of you who missed it.

Jenny ESP said...

Thanks for sending me the video clip. Much obliged lil lady. I completely agree with your run down, even the indulgent nonsense.

eeek, we already went over why it doesn't work for half of us to set our DVRs/TiVos to record five minutes over. Sheesh. It's not the only show to record on Tuesday night. And it went over by more than 5 minutes so it still would have cut off. The whole thing is indulgent nonsense! Get rid of Kara. Not enough time for her.

TimW8 said...

Grrr...I had to Youtube Adam's performance cuz my DVR isn't as smart as the producers of Idol.
My fav was Allison. So long Blindy.

Markie23 said...

Ya, ya... I'm a latecomer, and it's all been covered. I still can't get over what happened on House though. So sad :0(