Saturday, April 18, 2009

Colorado, You Have Failed Me

Dear Colorado,

Hi. How are you? I'm not good, thanks for asking. One quick question.... how dare you? Do you think it's January? Cuz it's not. It's April freaking 18th. This is unacceptable. That's right. I do not accept this foot of snow you have dumped on us. How am I ever gonna get Jespy to move here if you continue to do dumb things like this?

Garret was supposed to fly in last night, he called me about the time he should be arriving and said "Hey... we just landed." Me "Wow! I was thinking you'd have problems because of the snow!" Him "Well, we just landed in Salt Lake." They flew half way here, turned around and went back. Luckily for you, Colorado, the Denver Airport opened back up and Gty finally arrived at home around 11:30pm. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal but he's only here until Monday morning when he will fly out again. If you had made it so he couldn't have come home at all this weekend you may as well have just called CPS because there were going to be major problems with me being here alone with the kids for 2 weeks straight (see previous post). Just having him here even for two days will help me enjoy the "sweet spot" more.

I guess the most frustrating part is that I am constantly talking you up, CO. I say nothing but nice things about you. It's as if you are bound and determined to make a liar out of me. Not to mention that I haven't been to the grocery store in formyever and am down to 4 Dr. Peppers with no way to get to Sonic or the store (also see previous post--- it's like I jinxed myself). Also, the satellite dish isn't working due to your weather and Tbone is grounded from the Wii.... you do the math here. Plus being cooped up in the house gives me the munchies. The situation is grim.

So, thanks for nothing.

Worst Regards,



Memzy said...

Dear Colorado,

Thank you for making me feel a teensy weensy bit better about living in Bako. (high today 72).

Love Memzy

Jenny said...

I just shoveled a foot of snow off our driveway. Are we sure it's the middle of April? Because it sure doesn't look like it.

markbailey said...

That must be the same storm that dumped a bunch of snow on us a couple days ago. I actually enjoyed it. Unlike a winter storm, it was all melted off the next day, and today it's nice outside. I do hope it was the last one though. We already put away most of our winter clothes and got out the summer stuff.

Jenny ESP said...

Are you trying to turn me off CO? Sigh. I'll call my Realtor and tell her never mind. When's the best time of year to visit?

Cristin said... I guess it's not a good time to tell you that even Oregon is having beautiful sunny weather??? We drove around with our windows down today....I guess Jespy should consider moving to Oregon instead.

Memzy said...

Scratch that. High of 82.

Landee said...

There is an upside, you gize....

Adult session of Stake Conference got canceled tonight.

::doing double fist pump and high-fiving BB::

Denver Sims said...

LOL!! =D

Go CO!!

Flem said...

Dear CO,

Thanks for evening up the playing field. My BFF landee has always enjoyed her kids, her tivo, and her fit little bod while I sit here trying to discipline my 7 yo with no cable or wii and count calories to stay at just average weight. While her 4000 square foot home still kicks butt over my 700 sq ft apt, at least she is forced to actually spend some time in it and enjoy what she has got.

Yours truly,
California Beach comber at 2 pm today

ManicMandee said...

Yeah, CO isn't looking so great to me either. But I bet your Summers are perfect?

Our Family said...

Ahhh, but look at this forecast!
You can't beat that, right?
The worst part of the whole thing was the middle of the day phone call to come pick up my kids when there wasn't a drop of anything falling from the sky and the roads were perfect!
The only plus for me was that I made a snowman all by myself. It was perfect snowman snow.

Katie said...

For the record, every kind of weather gives me the munchies.