Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Results Show: Double Whammy

  1. I think there is something srsly wrong with me. I loved the dance number Pauler choreographed. How is this possible? I mean literally LOVED. Adam was the best dancer (duh) with Matt as a close second. Kris wasn't that great but that just made him seem more manly to me. The lip syncing was terrible, yes, but that was not what this numbah was about. It was about the moves.
  2. Wow... ok... that was abrupt. Leel is outtie.
  3. Quotes from the boys regarding:
  4. Freda Payne: "Ew." "Do we really have to watch her?"
  5. Thelma Houston: "What the?" "She looks crazy."
  6. KC: "Who is this guy?" Me: "Tony Soprano"
  7. Archuletta is back in the hizzy..... hmmmmm.... he reminded me of why I liked David Cook so much. His voice sounded weird, no? And it was pitchy. Indulgent nonsense, basically.
  8. Awwwww maaaaaaan..... I know I haven't been too nice to Noopy lately but I was really sad to see him go tonight. When they were replaying his "journey on American Idol" I was reminded of all the fun moments he and I shared..... like when he was made the 13th finalist to make it a Final Baker's Dozen this year. And when Simon said he went from "zero to hero." I mean, does it get any better than that? No. It doesn't actually.
  9. So our top 5 are Kris, Adam, Danny, Allison and Matt, huh? Poor Allison & Matt.... really, all they can do now is take bets to see who gets voted off first.
  10. Click HERE to listen to Jespy & I's first podcast. The historic first episode of iLandee. Or it should be up on iTunes later (search under AFB) but I know some of you just can't wait. She delivered, you gize. Big time.


Katrina said...

That was hillarious! That email was private!! I love your new show, and jespy should be a regular. I lollerzed a bazillion times.

Landee said...

No email submitted to the afbpodcast is private, Katrina. And I think you knew that.

What, no comment on the results show of AI? One of your creepy shows must have recorded instead.

Cristin said...

I LOVED the podcast. I'm still laughing. Katie is like soooooooooo popular now!

Markie23 said...

YES! Chalk one up for my girl Paula!!
Who woulda thought that KC of "That's the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it, uh huh, uh huh" fame looked like somebody's Uncle Fred?
No Lil No Mo... YIPEE!
NoopDawg still had a hard time with that last note. Somebody please remind to find out what he is doing 5 years from now. I'd really like to know.
I'm off to listen to Podcast - Eeeeeek!

Jenny ESP said...

I liked Archie's performance. Now, about that podcast. It was indulgent nonsense, and a little pitchy. But we worked it out in the end.

Hot Pants said...

I had to ff through those guest singers. Of course that was after I had watched them twice. Dwight couldn't handle it a third time. They were so bad they were good. The first lady especially. Her sequenced dress was so tight she was having a hard time breathing. She was trying to dance, but her 90 year old body wasn't moving with the beat very well, and she sang like crap. The second lady's hair and dress went so perfectly together! And I could have sworn I bought a car from that last guy. Best results show ever!!!

And the podcast was amazing and insightful. I'm pretty sure you're the next Oprah. Such controversy.

ManicMandee said...

I think it felt nice to get rid of two this week. And I wont be missing either of them.

Flem said...

Shoot!! You already recorded a second podcast? How the heck can I keep up with this? My draft email to afb is now obsolete since it is based on the first episode.