Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AI: Stupid Results

I have all kinds of notes on this results show.  Notes like how this is NOTHING like a clash of the titans...more like a bumping of the boringans.  And more notes about how Reuben can't sing a song with correct grammar and there ain't no way he's lost more than 5 lbs.  And several about how the Reuben/Clay tour is really just about one trying to prove they aren't racist and the other proving he's not a homophobe.  Oh, and trying to pay their rent since they both suck.   Then a smattering of notes about how ridiculous Mike's glued on tail is, how awful Usher is live (although I appreciated him saying "Oh my gosh" in the song rather than the alternative), how much I hate the word "stools,"  how nervous Ryan got suddenly when talking to DD, how much I hearted PDiddy (wait, is he going by DiddyMoney now?), and how stoooopid the Ryan/Simon exchanges were. 

But I'm not gonna bore you with all that. 

 Bottom Three: Alzy, DD and Timmy
 Gonzo: DD

Shocking and disturbing that Alzy remains while DD leaves.  Even more disturbing is that Jespy got 100% right this week.  Gah!!

Here's the points for this week and the total points in ( ):

Kimi: 2 (4)
Mikey: 2 (5)
Flem: 2 (8)
Markie: 2 (7)
Memzy: 2 (7)
cog: 2 (8)
Anna: 2 (8)
AV: 5 (7) she sooooo needed that this week, congrats AV!
Jespy: 6 (11)
Eeka: 2 (9)
Stands: 3 (8)
HotPants: 2 (5)
Landee: 2 (8)
Jana: 3 (9)
Stackey: 2 (2)
RoddTodd: 2 (2)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna rewind and listen to the Diddy diddy again.  But this time I'm gonna listen to Diddy and turn my TV up and my lights down.  ::strobe light dancin' in the family room::

He's right.  It's waaaaaaaaay better that way.  Sean "Puffy" Combs is wise.

::cut to Ryan in the fetal position sobbing softly and roll credits::


Princess Kimi said...

I will never delete diddys diddy. Jespy is the new luckyduck.

Princess Kimi said...

or the KUNG FU fIGHTING!!! ryan plzkthanks quit.

Carol said...

Yeah!!!!! Jespy and I soooooo nailed this one. We are kindred spirits. I'm so excited that my points are up!!!!

Memzy said...

I'm. So. Pizzed.

Markie23 said...

Is it too late to go back and change my vote to Usher?

My favorite part was when Kara said, regarding Teflon Timmy, "I don't even think he even knows what we're saying". I have the same impression. Like you could say "Timmy, the show is over, everyone has gone home, we're turning off the lights now." and he'd still just stand there smiling at you.
Or maybe I'm just bitter that Teflon cost me 3 points.

Cristin said...

Word on the street is that your commentary is better than the actual show this year. Grats to all this weeks winners.

cog said... much for the visionary leadership of Kimi. Thought we had a six pack in the bag and a party on the roof. Eh, 2 points'r better'n nutin. cog out.

Princess Kimi said...

::: does my best Phil Helmuth impression :::

Well, if it wasn't for luck I'd win every week fhs!

Savor the flavor lucky ducks. Savor the flavor.

Flem said...

!! DD gone. That sucks.

My estimation of the American people has dropped. And it was never very hight.

Timmy Teflon is only getting by on that Efron hair, which really, is not even that original.

Boo. But I am still number one in my office poll because no one actually was prepared for this kind of suckage.

Hot Pants said...

I think next week the bottom six should go home. Let's just get this thing over with.

StandsMom said...

Hottie Pants, I COMPLETELY agree! After BigMike picked up Ryan, it kinda upped his weenie factor.

Plus, you'll never believe me, but I was totally gonna say DD, and then second guessed myself. Ah well.

Jenny ESP said...

In all of your faces.
::slapping AV some skin::