Saturday, October 4, 2008

And then there were three....

...more mice caught in the basement.

::running around in circles pulling my hair out and screaming:::


Why? Why me? Why my basement? I'm almost to the point of having the home teachers come over and command them to leave.

That's 19 peeps.

In other news:

  • I put JBird & his best buddy JBird W. on an airplane by themselves on Thursday so they could fly to Utah for the BYU v. Utah State game last night. They loved being unaccompanied minors together. I had stuffed JBird's backpack full of goodies, word search books and his PSP so I think they were plenty busy on their 45 minute flight. Gty picked them up at the SLC airport and they proceeded to have a great time.
  • Gty & JBird flew home this morning just in time for JBird to play in the last half of his flag football game (they drove straight from the airport). JBird sacked the QB on the 5 yard line with a couple of minutes left. They won 12-6.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences were this past week. JBird's went according to expectations, "He is such a smart boy, I've put him in the advanced math group, he is so great at participation! always raises his hand to answer the questions...etcetcetc." TBone's was a bit of a shocker, "TBone is doing so well! He has really turned his behavior around and is such a joy to have in class!" Wha??? I nearly fell off the chair but kept my cool as if I was expecting this. Apparently he just needs to work on his handwriting. I'll take it!
  • I have somehow found myself in charge of the PTO Fall Event at the boys' elementary school. It will be this Thursday night. It's a pajama party. I will be a much happier person as soon as that is over. I'm not the voluteer/event planning type. Luckily I talked my BFF FowlerFam into helping me out. That has made it a gazillion times more tolerable! Even kinda fun? She's new to blogging so I'm totally pimping out her site here.
  • Our BFFF (best family friends forever), The Wheatleys, moved to Utah this past week. I raided their freezer and got a year's supply of frozen chicken. WheatleyMom then brought over a box of things she wasn't going to take and thought I might want. As you read the list, please keep in mind she is the most FRUGAL person ever! She's hilarious. I don't think she's ever bought anything that she didn't either have a coupon for or that wasn't 90% off. K, so the items in the box: 5 ice cream cones (not the sugar kind, the foamy kind), one bag of Fritos with 14 chips left in it (I counted), 1/4 box of Reduced Fat Cheez-Its, 1 small stack of crumpled napkins, 1 Pop Tart (flavor unknown due to that foil wrap!), about 15 quart size baggies (no box), a half bag of tortilla chips, a silver container which I believe is half full of hot chocolate mix? It's hard to know because there are no lables. Anyway, long story short... guess who doesn't have to go grocery shopping this week!
  • BeeBee now thinks she can go to the bathroom by herself. She can't. But she does. Yeah.


ajesplin said...

I swear Mrs. Wheatley is my SIL's twin. She won't buy anything without a coupon and always tries to give me half eaten food. When she lived here anyways. Now she's gone. Sniff. I did Thanksgiving dinner last year, and she helped me grocery shop for it, and we bought TONS of food and the grand total was $34. That included a big old turkey. I miss her. Sniff.

More mice? I totally sent Cinnaburn to before I had to. I possibly might win. I hope you're setting more booby traps.

You sent your baby on a plane all by *he's* self? I would have to toss a handful of magic pills if I was gonna get through that.

::silver parachute coming with magic pills:: (guess what me and Peeta had to do to get it?)

Landee said...

::sending you a parachute with a Sharpie::

That's so you can redraw Peeta on the back of your hand. I'm sure it's wearing off by now.

But srsly, you couldn't send your OLDEST kid on an airplane for a 45 minute flight? I had to walk them to the gate and then Gty picked them up from the gate. They were at least as safe as yours are when you go out for your 2am jogs!

Mrs. Wheatley once went to the grocery store, got a cart full of food and the cashier had to pay HER $3.00. She has the receipt framed and on her wall.... or she has plans to as soon as she gets a coupon for a frame anyway.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

We know some Wheatleys here in California. He's pretty old...he was the contractor for the Oakland Temple. He's still working, though, I love him! He was out knocking on doors in Carmel last week for Prop 8.

Dunno what's up with your meeses. We live in the middle of about 30 acres of grass and WE don't have that many. We catch one or two a year.

Landee said...

That Wheatley of which you speak is her husband's grandpa. He used to be the mayor of Palo Alto and almost ran for governor of CA a long time ago. And he definitely was knocking on doors for Prop 8! JBird W. is his great grandson.

I'll tell you what's up with the meeses... we're cursed.

ajesplin said...

I could send my oldest on a plane, I'd just have to take some magic pills first.

Mrs. Morgan (that's my SIL) has about 100 receipts from grocery stores that had to pay HER money. She could wallpaper her downstairs bathroom with them. She's definitely Mrs. Wheatley's twin.

::here comes Peeta's parachute carrying a Sharpie::

(That's so he can redraw my face on the back of his hand. We wore off each other's faces last night.)

Memzy said...

I'm guessing that Peeta is someone in this book that I haven't started yet cuz it hasn't come in the mail? ::big huffing sigh::


Congrats on Tbone's par-teach conf. You should frame THAT one and put it on the wall.

Did you and Gty get to go to the gate w/o a boarding pass? Cuz I thought that wasn't allowed. I would totally send my oldest if that was the case.

I miss hearing about the Wheatley's. Were they just in town to get rid of their house or sumpin?

What's with Beebs? More info.

Landee said...

I'm not a couponer myself. It's exhausting to even think about. I don't wait for sales either. But then again... I don't buy things simply because they're on sale. I'm not saying Mrs. Wheatley does that... but she does.

Landee said...

Memzy snuck in there...

Yes, the Wheatleys just sold their house and were back for the big pack up and leave business of moving. They were here for a week so it's been a fun week for sure.

And they give you a special pass to get to the gate to get kids on the airplane. As a matter of fact, you HAVE to walk them to the gate and then sit there until the plane actually takes off.

samandlysander said...

We once had mice in our garage and it freaked me out, but we quickly got rid of them with this baby.

Just put some food in it and they gravitate towards it, ours were gone in a couple weeks.

Amy T said...

Auntie Shel, you did not let me know of your "one or two a year" mouse problem, prior to my stay there. I guess I'll be glad I survived. You do know that one or two a year, means that you just have smarter mice that can't get caught as easily.
Jenny really jumped the gun with Cinnaburn for sure. Time to move Landee.
I am about 100 pages into the book, so quit with your little side bars, and hold off on the secret emails for a few more hours please.

Landee said...

Secret emails?? Jenny, do you have to tell your emergency contact EVERYTHING?? They're not secret really, it's just that when you want to talk about a book reeeeeally bad, it's nicer to talk to someone who has actually read it.

::silver parachuting Amy a bottle of Chill Pills::

Nonni said...

I caught up on your blog today and was going to exit without leaving a comment.......knew you wouldn't approve. So, just letting you know that I enjoyed my time here! Thanks for your witty humor (even though I didn't understand some of it. But that is to be expected....I think of myself as a foreign exchange student to the blog world. You know, laughing at inappropriate times, making unintelligable comments, trying to fit in when really it's not possible.) Sorry about your mice situation.
Love ya,

Emily said...

There is NOTHING worse than finding mice running around in your house. Nothing. I would rather find a dead body or something like that. Have you caught any of the mice action on camera?

I sent child #2 on a plane by herself a year ago and it just about pushed me over the edge. That was the worst feeling in the world. I think if it was my boy it wouldn't have been so bad.

Annie said...

Did you know that I am scared of mice more than anything in the world including being flanked?? Oh yay so I'm feeling your pain.

I didn't have you pegged as the planning type either. There's so much more to you than I thought.

Landee said...

It's not just planning Annie... it's planning a party for, let's see, I've heard 700-1,000 people. Yea, we'll see if I survive.

No mice action on camera. I can't even stand to look at them let alone take a picture.

My only consolation is that when I went down to the basement the night before I found the sliding glass door down there wide open and figured it had been that way since TBone and his buddy were down there 8 hours earlier. Then the next morning there were three mice after having NONE caught for a long time. I'm hoping they wandered in through the door. Reeeeeally hoping.