Monday, October 20, 2008

TV Musings

You know how some people "work themselves right out of a job?" I think I've matured myself right out of good mindless entertainment. Or maybe there have been a couple of shows that have raised the bar so high that everything else seems like a waste of time. I don't know. All I know is that I watch very little TV these days. I'm not saying I like it. I'm just saying that is how it is. I WISH there were more shows out there I couldn't live without, but there just flat out aren't.

Here is a list of shows I have now dropped, officially (many I'm embarassed I EVER watched, btw):

Grey's Anatomy- I have zero interest in this show right now which is weird because I BAWLED for a good 20 mintues over the whole Denny thing way back when.

Desperate Housewives- One of the embarassing shows I mentioned above. Totally lame now. Don't care what happens. Don't even want to see commercials about it.

Intervention- If you've seen one addict go to rehab because their family forced them/Jeff VanVandervonvondsen came for a visit & then relapse as soon as the get out, you've seen them all. If they had more eating disorders on there I might tune in again, but the heroin thing is getting old.

Kath & Kim- I had high hopes and big plans of watching this but I have not been impressed. I'm trying to reserve judgment for another couple of episodes but it's hard.

Supernanny- There isn't a technique that she has that I haven't seen already. She calls the same technique different names and calls it a new show. The "Naughty Chair Technique," "The Naughty Bean Bag Technique," and "The Naughty Step Technique".... THEY. ARE. ALL. THE. SAME. TECHNIQUE. Kid gets in trouble and has to sit somewhere for a while. That's THE technique. She's not fooling me anymore.

Shows I'm Keeping/Borderline Obsessed With:

The Office- Fer super duh. The whole Holly/Michael thing makes me giggle & the Jim/Pam issues keep me on my toes. Geniuses I tell ya.

Boston Legal- This is where I get all my current event information from. That David E. Kelly is right on top of things. I heart James Spader & have an unfortunate crush on William Shatner. Plus, Candice Bergen... need I say more? Love her. Maybe this is why I bought a hoodie marketed to retirees??

Heroes- I don't have a clue what is going on but you gotta love a show that makes you look over at your husband at least 5 times and go "What the??" That puppeteer guy just about sent me over the edge though. He took creepy to a whole new level. I am loving/hating the blurring between good & bad though. Suresh=GOOD, Silar=BAD.... ycome can't they just stick to that??? Geniuses I tell ya.

30Rock- Obviously not on yet but I made a paper chain and am counting down to October 30th.

Scrubs- When it returns on ABC... what is up with that? Me & Zach Braff are both from the Garden State sooo... yeah.

So you can see my taste here. If you have any suggestions of shows I might be interested in let me know. I'm OPEN to other shows, but I am getting pickier & pickier in my old age. I hope this doesn't start happening to other areas of my life.


Sox said...

I used to be so into Numb3rs and Criminal Minds, but thn Mandy Patinkin left and Criminal Minds got creepy. I still like Numb3rs if I ever make time to see it. The only shows that I really make time for are MNF and CSI: LV. and even those aren't worth watching all the time.
The baseball playoffs are always a good choice, but then I'm sure you already know all about those.

Jenny said...

I'm with you on The Office. Hilarious. Another recent favorite of mine is Chuck. I also like Ugly Betty, Pushing Daisies, and How I Met Your Mother. And, of course, Lost.

I really need to watch 30 Rock this season. I really liked the few episodes I've seen and it seems like a show I could really get into.

Markie23 said...

I am a huge TV addict and watch WAY too many shows, but there are really only 4 that I would go into major withdrawals for if they took them off the air; two are on your list:
The Office - I have created dozens of mp3's of Dwight Schrute like this little gem... "Agri-tourism is a lot more than a bed and breakfast. It consists of tourists coming to a farm, showing them around, giving them a bed, giving them breakfast."
Boston Legal - William Shatner is a comic genius.
The other two are:
Chuck - Landee, you HAVE to give this one a try! A very funny show.
House - Incredible writing and cast.

samandlysander said...

I watch way to many tv shows. Believe me if anyone has an embarrassing tv show lineup it is me. The Office (of course), Smallville, Lost, Heroes, Desperate Housewives. Oh there are more I am just too embarrassed that I even watch among those are I Love New York, Rock of Love, One Tree Hill, and Kitchen Nightmares. I could probably go on forever the point is I watch way more TV than I should.

Sam, Shel & Co said...

We LOVE Boston Legal, kind of a guilty pleasure, since it's pretty sleazy sometimes. Sam used to watch Desperate Housewives, but has since decided he doesnt' like it. We love Heroes, although I really have NO clue what's going on half the time. I think my all time fav is Chuck, you GOTTA watch it.

We also TIVO House and Burn Notice, but we have to little time to watch that we're about 8 eps behind on both of them.

Jenny ESP said...

Oh, I am so over Heroes. It's just a big complicated mess and they keep changing all the rules. I hate it shows do that. I also lost interest in Desperate Housewives. I also dropped all daytime TV shows.

These are the shows I watch, and it seems like a long list but they aren't all on at the same time (some go in seasons) and I TiVo them and fast forward commercials and stuff like that and more excuses and more excuses:

The Office (doy)
Lost (off season)
Ugly Betty (teetering on the edge)
Pushing Daisies (LOVE this show. So whimsical.)
Project Runway (just finished)
Dancing with the Stars
So You Think You Can Dance (off season)
American Idol (off season)
Americas Next Top Model (what!?)
Gossip Girl (you got something to say to me?!)
The new 90210 (don't judge me!!)

Hot Pants said...

I'm with Jenny on no TV during the day. It's depressing. Chuck is one of my favs. House is Dwight's. We both love Thursday nights on CBS and NBC. We have a dual tuner for our DVR. But our favorite show to watch together is CSI Miami. It is the best worst show out there. Lamer than 902010 and Baywatch combined. We laugh harder watching it than any other show. You gotta try it out.

quesetescapa said...

I have changed as well, mainly due to availability upstairs. Shows I love:

Project Runway
Prison Break
Friday Night Lights
The Office and Heroes--I echo your thoughts

But then you already knew this.

Landee said...

Ok, Ok, I've heard Chuck from a few people so I'll set the DVR to start recording that right away. But am I going to be lost? Oh, and I'll try Pushing Daisies too. Because the two Jennys said so & I like me some whimsy. I can't do any more one-hour dramas though.

I didn't even THINK about the off season shows because I was just pondering the Fall schedule. But yeah, AI & SYTYCD are definite faves. Those don't count though cuz those are family shows & we bond and stuff during them.

Ashley said...

When is Scrubs coming back? I had no idea! That makes me happy. I love The Office too. I have to admit that I also really like The Biggest Loser. Does that make me a loser?

Memzy said...

Am I behind in Friday Night Lights? CRAP. Now I've gotta wait for one of those marathon Saturdays or something. I've lost the TV spirit as well. I still watch Grey's, DHW, Heroes, & Brothers and Sisters. But they are all behind like 3 episodes. That NEVER woulda happened before. The only ones I watch the NIGHT of is The Office and 30 Rock when it comes. Here's the question. We are all missing the Office this week right? I don't wanna hear stuff before I watch.