Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bon Voyage

Suitcase packed: check
Itineraries of everyone printed off: check
Schedule written out for Gty: check
Camera packed: check
Worry that IRL the Morgan sisters are complete jerks: check
Obtain knowledge that Memzy will be there to spoon me if the above is true: check
Have no worries about Cristin's niceness: check
Leave Gty with a thrashed house: check

Mkay... I guess that's it. I'll be taking my laptop so if the hotel has free high-speed internet you may get some surprise posts from some people but I'm not counting on it. I'm taking it so that when my 4G memory card in my camera gets full I can download the pics & start anew.

I'll be back Sunday with bumloads of stories and pics.


PS If any of you locals could plzthanks take your camera to church on Sunday and sneakily get a pic of how Gty does BeeBee's hurr it'd be much appreciated! I'm dying to see. The girl stuff befuddles the man.


Jenny ESP said...

You shouldn't go on vacation with people you met on the internet.

PS. Tony combs my boys's hair like Donald Trump when I'm gone.

MorganStrasser said...

Are you all gonna hang out in the hotel room with laptops blogging with eachother?

Landee said...

Totally Morgan. Someone will be like "So what do you think about what I blogged about today?" and then someone else will be like "Check your comments." and then someone will be like "I was hilarious today... check my blog" and someone else will be like "Totally, and did you see so&so's comment? I DIED laughing!"

I cannot wait.

Hot Pants said...

Jenny and Sara can be real jerks, but I am so extra special and nice. Just ask my husband. Don't do it when I'm not standing right there though, cuz I wanna make sure I hear his response.

Anonymous said...

Beebs is gonna look like the one and only time HGF had to go to church early and left Harrington in charge of our hurr dids. You didn't even have your permaponies in and your perma part in the back was TDF! I don't remember what mine looked like... but I bet it was Mormghetto FAB! Thank gorshkies she layed out our clothes the night before is allimsayin.

Q? UNanonymous voice? No clue what you are typin about fer realz.

BTW where the freak are you going? Some kind of scraptacular convention?


Your sister in the not Zion way kinda

Srsly, Q, you couldn't possibly say this is UNanonymous. What to your ev.

Annie said...

I should leave a really nice comment like. "Oh I hope you guys have soooo much fun. Take lots of pictures k, can't wait to hear from you when you get back. Love ya." But then that's just not me... is it? So I'm just going to go curl up in the fetal position somewhere and cry myself to sleep becuase I am so incredibly jealous I'm not there. :: Stomping away mad, not sure I want to visit this blog E-V-E-R::

Anonymous said...

Put on some Peter Gabriel Annie.

quesetescapa said...

Have fun. Life will be boring without you.

Katie said... whacha doin?... You guys aren't having fun without me are you?

Jenny ESP said...

I woke up all excited to see what you were gonna post about our vacay and nothings here and... I'm sorry what? Dedication post to me?