Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The Wheatleys JUST got internet set up in their new house. I feel like I've been detached from civilization for the past formyever.

We'd be like "Hey, check the gym schedule online so we know what time the class is... oh wait..."


"Well, let's just MapQuest how to get ther.... nevermind."


"I'm just gonna see how all my internet peeps are doing.... dangitalltoheck!!!"

Painful I tell you.

I just thought I'd check in real quick like so you don't think I'm deaderz in a ditch somewhere. I have really been running around crazy (because there is no other way to be with Mrs. Wheatley). Never made it to the bookstore. Never made it to Cafe Rio. Won't have a chance to meet up with Annie, Mandee & Markie (::sooper frowny face::).

It's almost like I'm not in Utah or something.

I'm heading up to Logan on the morrow for some R&R. And to get my "winter hair."

PS Memz & Aunt Visor, guess what? MrsWheatley & I went to a step class at the gym on Monday and guess who came in & took the class with us totally randomly! Cousin Jen!! It was hilarious. We screamed & made fools of ourselves before getting our butts kicked by "Kaycee" the torturous step instructor.


Markie23 said...

...and just as I was getting ready to pledge you a kidney. I need to have a chat with this Mrs. Wheatley person - if she really exists.

Memzy said...

Believachoo me Mrs. Wheatley exists and I've seen her "crazy schedule" in real life action. I have to doubt she's roped Landee into activity after activity one on top of the next. Plus, Landee doensn't know how to say no sometimes. She way nice like that.

And oh-my-freakin-cousin-Jen!! How heelarious! You took pictures right?

Jenny ESP said...

I bet Mrs. Wheatley kept you busy churning butter and grinding wheat for supper and other late 19th century practices like that. That's what happens when you visit people who don't have modern conveniences like internet. Did you gize wallpaper Mrs. Wheatley's downstairs bathroom as planned?

Katie said...

What were you doing at step class whilst on vacation? Somebody has body image issues...Doesn't Mrs. Wheatley's schedule give you enough of a work out?

Hot Pants said...

I can't believe you didn't visit Mark at the book store! I bet he waited around for hours! You know, when I went to visit him, he ran off to Arizona, so I guess it serves him right.

Markie23 said...

Don't believe Hot Pants... she conveniently came to Utah after I had already left for AZ.
And yes, I did wait in that Bookstore for hours ::sniffle::

Memzy said...

I was not told of wallpapering bathrooms.

Landee said...

We wallpapered the crap outta that downstairs bath. Looks great... we put up a border & everything.

By the by, I told MrsWheatley (who does exist) that we did not have to go to the gym and she told me she had been waiting for me to arrive so we could go together/she'd be motivated to go try a class or two. So, body image issues aside... that's how that went down.

Have you gize ever heard of Facebook? Me either.