Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Warning: Kid Stuff

I started thinking that I better be keeping track of what my kids have been up to lately. I mean, are people 100 years from now really going to want to read about what TV shows I like to watch? Or how many times I barfed the other night (it was like, 7 times, you gize)? No, they're going to want to know what my kids were doing this past weekend. So here we go. Read on if you want. But it's really not for you. It's for those people 100 years in the future.


JBird: All the pain & torment of hurrying home this past Friday from UT totally paid off! We came home to make it in time for JBird's final football game and.. WOOT WOOT!... He caught an interception!! We were hoping he'd have at least one big play for the year and that, my future people, was it. He was ecstatic & so was Gty. Since then I cannot tell you how many times Gty has turned to me and said (in front of JBird) "So, do you know anyone who has caught an interception?" And every time I look at JBird and he's sitting there with a smirk on his face pointing at himself like he's "all that." It was good for him because, I gotta tell ya, the kid's attitude these days STINKETH. He's in this "Why do I gotta do that?" mode and all mopey & stuff these days if I ask him to do ANYTHING. I keep telling myself it's his age & he'll pull out of it but it seems like a long road ahead. Time will tell I guess.


TBone: This kid has definitely turned a corner with his behavior.... and that can only be a good thing. I swear to you... he is obedient, happy, and so much fun to be around. This is HUGE! I don't even know what to contribute it to either. I'm thinking Tae Kwon Do has helped a ton. They are good at emphasizing discipline & obeying your parents and things of that nature. But also maybe he is just growing up? It used to be that you'd say "K, T, after you finish that game you need to go brush your teeth, get in the shower & get your jammies on" and then a half an hour later he would either be a) still playing the game or b) doing something else. Now we say that and then forget & 10 minutes later we hear the shower going & he's following through with every last request. It's a freakin' miracle, I'm tellin' ya. I love it. The best part is he is keeping the silliness alive as well. I'd hate to have him lose his personality in the name of obedience.


BeeBee: My BFF. So fun. So cute. Love hanging out with her all day long. She is so reasonable it's astounding. If she wants something that she can't have/we can't do all I have to do is explain why and she is totally good with it. Fits are such a rarity that I cannot even remember the last time she had one. She loves her brothers & her Dad like crazy. Usually I will put her down for a nap, go back in to check on her and she will be asleep wearing one of her princess dresses. One thing happened on Sunday however... church is from noon to 3pm. This screws up naptime like you would not believe. So usually I don't even put her down. This past Sunday she fell asleep at 6pm. Hmmm... wake her? Hope she stays asleep for the night? I chose B. I chose wrong. She woke up from her "nap" at 10:15pm. When she came walking down the stairs with her rat's nest hair I cringed. Yeah, she didn't go to bed Sunday night until 1am. But, like I said, at least she was pleasant to have around in the late hours of the night. :)

So there you go Future Blog Stalkers. My kids, right now. Maybe by now they are your grandparents? Great grandparents? That's too weird to even think about.



Memzy said...

I could tell you I'm not jealous of your kids behavior right now but that would be a LIE. We are going through some "phases" right now in my house. I can explain in more detail later irl. ::super huge sigh::

Memzy said...

ps. CUTE apron.

danandcami said...

Cute kids for sure! Beebee is great in nursery also. She and Sarah played follow the leader to the bathroom quite a few times. I have to tell you ever since your mouse posts I have been paranoid of those stupid things and guess what??? We have gotten a few. Make a few long stories short-one of the traps was missing this a.m, so I am afraid we are going to find a mouse running around with it on its tail-or dead with it stuck to some part of it and ran around for a while with it! OOOOHHHH such a gross thought. I don't handle mice well!!!!!

Hot Pants said...

I like the Yugio cards rubber banded to their arms. I'm gonna give that idea to my boys when they ask me again to buy some stupid contraption for them to stick their cards to their arms. (Like an ipod) Genius.
BTW, I prefer well behaved kids, weird huh?

brianandjennifer said...

I am glad your kids are well behaved this week. We are still working on it. I guess the two weeks being off is really getting to them. They are not horrible, but definitely ready for school to start again. BTW...I think behavior comes in cycles-when the kids go through a growth spurt they are more onory (spell check?)
I have at least found that to be true with my kids. Cute kids for sure!!!

Emily said...

How fun getting to know your cute kiddos a little! You'll be glad you did this post later on.

Jenny ESP said...

Greetings Earthlings. Your younglings are precious and adorable.
(that's me talking from the future in outer space)

Jonesy said...

Okay - here comes the old lady of the group again - you know that one with the teenager that always has this comment "JUST WAIT !"

Let me splain - My Natters was once your BeeBee - adorable, reasonable, erratic sleep patterns but basically a joy to be around. She will be 15 in 17 days.

Last night she was doing homework at a friend’s house that was within walking distance to our house by way of a park that is right by our house. We were at the park with the younger children and it began to get dark. I said “I should prob’ly go get Nat. Someone (most likely the Dad) said “let’s just walk down and get her. “ Great - let’s go.” We got to the friend’s house - I made the little kids wait on the curb so as not to embarrass her. When she walked outside to find that the whole family had accompanied me and that we had WALKED - she was mortified and refused to even walk with us. What if somebody saw her ? I’m not sure where I went wrong in raising this girl. But I’m just sayin- enjoy that little bundle of love while she’s so darned agreeable.

I always hated women like me - always suggesting that - “it’s so much worse later”. It’s not worse - just different - I sleep through the night almost every night and no one has thrown up on me for several years. But I do make a point to enjoy the fact that my 7 year old likes to hold my hand and let’s me do her hair (well, most days !)
Sheesh - I talk too much !

Landee said...

Cami: I feel like all my blogging has been worth it for you to have caught some mice! But yuck on the missing trap... I hope they didn't take it back to their laboratory to study it and see how to get the cheese off it without getting snapped!

And Amy, I didn't even notice the fancy YuGiOh card holders the boys had rigged up. Believachoo me we have that big annoying contraption of a card holder too... it's been used twice by my count. They are into this lame Bakugon thing now... will it never end?? Those Japanese people are the geniuses.

JennyESP, nanoo nanoo.

Jonesy, I know it gets "different later" I'm in YWs, remember? Those girls can cop an attitude in 1.3 seconds flat. Here is the fun part though, I look forward to the day I embarrass my kids. I may even go out of my way to do so. And I'll start saying things like "Oh, you're embarrassed?? Uh yeah, I'll GIVE you something to be embarrassed about!" It's going to be awesome.

quesetescapa said...

I feel sad that when my kids were involved in getting ice cream in the denvah they were dripping wet with chocolate all over faces. And one kid sans underwear. The contrast to your kids without the little flemsters floating around makes me feel like I ought to clean up my trashy act.

Landee said...

But that was my fault Q... I should have brought towels & extra clothes and a hair dryer. So much for hostess with the mostest.

Carol said...

Tiffers, Loved the pix and narrative about the kiddos. They truly are darling. And Memzy's right--cool apron. Did you buy that at Pottery Barn or somethin'? How much did it cost? Sorry--had to enjoy. (For those of you out of the loop--I made that apron and Landee bought it at our family reunion auction for big bucks. All for a good cause.)

Anonymous said...

Lies online are wrong. I believe the J-Bird and Beebs "bits" but that Tomfoolery about T-Bone can't be real. No Sensei is that good...

Adore the headband on the Beebs. Can you make one in my size? 3XL. Thank you in advance for payin it forward.

quesetescapa said...

Funny how people have an online "voice" that makes someone UNanonymous.