Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Forks, Flanks & Fun

Apparently while I was gone Giggity came up with a phrase for what I was doing when people would ask....he'd tell people I was "On my living blog." He doesn't even know how true that is! Honestly, when I came off the airplane & met everyone (I was the last to arrive) it felt like I was meeting characters out of a favorite TV show. I felt like I have known them forever but... I'm sorry, what? You adored me the second I got off the plane too? Aw, thankies you gize!

So yeah, that was reason Numero Uno for the Big Blog Bash in Washington.

My second reason? Well, to make all those Twilight fans I know out there uber jealous, of course!! So let's get right to that, shall we?

Friday morning we got up, ate our free continental breakfast (steamed veggies & rice were an option, I kid you not), and headed up to ....


Luckily JennyESP brought her book so we were able to determine that the italian restaurant Bella & Edward ate at in Port Angeles was on First Street. We went there & whaddayaknow? There's a freakin' italian restaurant there!


Here is what they had posted in the window:


See that girl behind Stephenie, touching her shoulder? She was our waitress... so yeah, I pretty much hung out with Stephenie.

There was some squealing & heavy breathing everytime we came across any sign that said Forks on it.


But first, here I am being scared outta my mind in an alley in Port Angeles.


And here I am doing what Bella SHOULD have done but she's an idiot so she stayed there to wait for Edward to rescue her.


And finally, after another couple of hours, we arrive in FORKS!! I'm telling you, this place has absolutely embraced the Twilight phenomenon with all their hearts. There are signs up everywhere suggesting you can buy Twilight souveniers there, on the marquis in front of a hotel it said "Edward DIDN'T sleep here!" (get it... cuz he never slept... get it?), etc etc.

These two ladies were so adorable I could hardly stand it. We found them in the Visitor's Center. Marcia and Marsha. The one on the left is the director of the Chamber of Commerce for Forks and she is one passionate Twilight fan, lemme tell ya. We were eating it up.


A nice note from Steph. It says "To the people of my favorite town-- I'm so honored that you've chosen Bella's birthday, September 13th, as Stephenie Meyer Day. Thank you for being such gracious hosts for my vampires! You're wonderful! ::scribble scribble:: PS Landee, Edward is really in love with you." Or something like that.


One thing these two cute ladies do is save any letters that come to Forks for any of the Cullen family. There were quite a few letters in this binder they had put together. Here is Sara doing a dramatic reading of one to Alice. It began "Dear Alice, I bet you saw this letter coming, didn't ya?" HA! I'm totally drafting up a letter as we speak. It will be to Carlisle and he better write back.


Bella's truck! And me in the most awkard position evah.


Here is Bella's house. Obviously.


And here is the group in front of the Twilight display they have in the sheriff's office. I think Charlie musta quit early that day cuz we totally didn't see him.


Allz I'm saying is, if the people in the book aren't real, then why do they have THIS at the hospital. Huh? Right. They wouldn't, so they must be real. I'm so good at figuring things out.


And here we are flanking our flanks in front of the Cullen's house.


You don't believe it's really the Cullen's house? Whatever!! READ.THE.WHITE.BOARD.


And finally we headed over to Forks High to get a good looksee.


All of a sudden a van came into the parking lot & couldn't stop. It was about to hit me when, inexplicably Edward came outta no where and stopped the van from hitting me. It was a moment I shall never forget. And thank you to Sara for capturing it all on film/memory card.


It took a bit longer to get to Forks than we had counted on so we didn't make it out to La Push like we had planned. It was going to be dark & we were tired & plus, since Jacob imprinted on that creepy baby he's lost a little of his appeal.

Anyway, jealous??


Memzy said...

You had me at "Fork". (Sigh) What a blissful experience you must have had. I may have to re-read all the books. My favorite part is your FACE in most pictures. You are so totally in to it. I'm workin' on a way to get internet service in Cris' room. He's dying to see the pictures and read the stories. Who knew Uncle Visor would enjoy your life so much?

Memzy said...

OK--obviously Memzy must have been on my computer/signed in today. I must remedy the situation.

Memzy said...

BTW--this is Aunt Visor speaking/writing.

Jenny ESP said...

You so totally summed up Forks perfectly! You win, and since we are on the same team, so do me and Cristin. (But missing La Push was supposed to be kept mum, remember? "Let's not go and say we did.")

After meeting you IRL, I would lay down and die for you. Lay down, on a bed of roses, and die.

Hot Pants said...

On grandma's feather bed....

sarastrasser said...

Not sure if I would lay down on a bed a roses or a feather bed and die for you (cuz I have kids and stuff) but I would for sure yell "WATCH OUT!" or something. I got your back. Yeah, that is me on your flanks.

Memzy said...

Oh man, mom I need to get you all fixed up. I'll come by your house today and fix it if you don't know how.

And yes, you caught it about right. There is so much to tell and so many pictures!!! It almost makes me angry there's so much like how can we ever do it justice.

Cristin said...

Landee your sooooo awesome. I was like "how in the world can I sum up this awesome weekend?" and you did it!!! Your the best blogger ever and I'm so blessed that I got to spend the weekend with you gize...seriously...soooo blessed!

Br Boys said...

You must of had all kinds of fun. No one really likes Jacob anyway so La Push would only have been to see the beach.:hee, hee: The capes were great!

Landee said...

a) I knew that was you, Aunt Visor, from your internet voice. It's very distinct.

b) I always secretly knew Uncle Visor would love hearing about my life (ha!)

c) So what, you gize are just gonna direct everyone over here? No no no no, I've been waiting and waiting for your summations. Hop to it!

d) When I was 15, I got hepatitis.

Landee said...

I'm totally kidding about D, you gize.

Markie23 said...

This was exactly the kind of play-by-play I was looking for. Good Stuff!!!

Also, it was so wise to not visit La Push after dark, 'cause, you know... werewolves!

Emily said...

That picture of you running away is awesome! You all did an amazing job capturing every fun detail!

brianandjennifer said...

Wow Landee! How exciting for you. What a great experience. Maybe you should start acting...I love the pose at the end!!! I know I am a bit behind, but at least I understand that part.
What a memory!

Anonymous said...

Landee I almost fell off my chair when I saw the picture of you running in the alley! That was classic!! I had to even bring my husband in to see it and he said "man, I can only imagine the things you guys did when you were young." haha! My "envy cup" runneth over!! What a blast!