Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mailbox Mania

I don't know if I'm going to be able to get through this with out crying.... ::sniff, choke::.... but... something happened yesterday that has ::sniff:: completely rawked my world.

So I go out to the mailbox (all these years of Gty & I taking pics of each other while getting the mail has TOTALLY just paid off!):


I look in the mailbox and see a package!! Is there anything better than getting a package???


I immediately take the package and sit on the front lawn, giddy with excitement..... return address says A.B. from Utah. A.B?? Ay, Bee.... hmmmmm. Who could that be?


Then I start to think a little harder because it's addressed to "Landee"... could it be THE A.B. of Blogger fame? I rip open the package (I had a pic of this but it was beyond ugly, think "chinless" so sorry). And as soon as I see the Mudd shoebox I know....

Keep it together Landee!! ::sob::


I am overcome with emotion. I have no idea what I've done to deserve such a prestigious award. Is it my witty comments? My ability to post funny pictures of Memzy? The amount of time I spend on the internet? I don't know. And then this is what I find inside....


How did I get so lucky???? (Markie, I know you are now seething with jealousy. Just remember, Thou shalt not covet my burnt offerings.)

Another lucky thing... we were just jumping in the car to head off on a 'round the world adventure (kinda like that Dora episode). I thought I'd take the idol along for some photo ops.

Here it is in France. It loved the pastries they have here. It kinda fell in love with a baguette. She was all (spoken in a thick French accent), "Once you go burned...." well, you know the rest. They had a sad farewell when it was time to go.


We then headed to Russia, the Mother Land (is it the Mother Land? I forget). Anyway, BurnedPoo thought it was a bit cold there (funny coming from a burned, stale, cold bunch o' would-be cinnamon rolls-- he's soooo picky!) but he enjoyed Lenin's Tomb.


Finally, China.


Poor guy could not figure out how to use chopsticks!! It was hilarious watching him try though.

So that is my adventure with Burny (that's what I call him now). We sure had fun! I'd like to thank AnnaB for sending this my way. That was quite the gesture. And I'd like to thank the usual suspects: Jenny for creating Burny & Memzy for shellacking him. I'd also like to thank my husband (and kids) whose favorite activity is taking pictures of me for blogging purposes (right?). Kisses to all! And to quote Sally Field...

You like me, you reeeeallly like me!!

Be watching a mailbox near you.


Cristin said...

OH MY GOODNESS I'm like green with envy!

Memzy said...

This is a special, special day. I'm so glad you connected with Burny like me and Anna did. It's a life changer that's for sure.

I can't wait to see the postcards that Burny sent me!!

Amy Thurston said...

Is it Pooh loaf or Burny? I like how it was addressed to Landee. Because that is the only name I will ever be able to call you. I was talking to my sister and I tried to use your real name, and she didn't know who I was talking about. Same as I have a hard time not calling Memzy, Memzy. And I can only call Anna, Abutler. and I can only call Burny, Pooh Loaf.
Anyway, congrats, you are one lucky flanker!

BTW, you can keep calling me Hot Pants, since I know you have a hard time calling me anything else.

Amy Thurston said...

I had to post another comment, so I could have future ones be emailed to me.

sarastrasser said...

You are such a good mommy to little P.L. (that is what I call Burny or Pooh Loaf) I am glad you made it to so many destinations around the world and were still able to get home on time to blog about it. Did Peter Petrelli help you with that?

P.S. I just finished watching Heroes.

abutler said...

I want you to know I really struggled with who I should send "Burny" to. Who would appreciate it more, who would love it more, who would take care of it and give it all the love and attention it deserves? Then I thought who have I snubbed, who have I intentionally ignored and maybe even mocked at times. And whatever way I looked at it all fingers kept pointing back to you Landee. I do hope you accept this Pooh Loaf not only as your own but also as a gesture of my admiration. I see a future for us.
Signed you new blogger friend,

You are officially going on "My Blog List"

Thanks :)

Emily said...

^^Totally agree. Very much deserved. Can't wait to see who the next lucky owner is...if you can part with it:)

Emily said...

Oh, and did Em really Shellack him?

ajesplin said...

Awww, I remember the day I gave birth to Cinaburn. It was a long hard labor. I pushed for two hours, even though I was only supposed to push for 10 minutes. When he came out all black and poohy like that, I knew I couldn't show him to my white husband, if you know what I mean, but at the same time, how could I throw away something so curious looking? I knew then that I would be giving him up for adoption. He just didn't match the rest of my family. Now he's in the foster system, where he's happy.

That's Cinaburn's birth story.

Memzy said...

I wish you had pictures of the birth AJ. Cuz then Landee could scrapbook them for you.

Landee said...

::digital scrapbook::

AB: You had me at flanked.

I think it has been shellacked but I think he many need another coat. I'm sure Mr. Burns is quite porous.

Strawsir, it was indeed Peter Petrelli who flew me & PL around the globe but I can't figure out if it was future Peter or present day Peter cuz he knows how to hide that major scar thingy. Question: If he can regenerate, how'd he get that scar???

AJ, I wouldn't say he totally happy... he asks about you alot. "Tell me a story about my birth mom" he'll say. I told him about your Faerie Testimony meeting one night and then last night I told him about "Living Dolls." He thinks you may be where he gets his sense of humor from.

Erin Beck said...

Erin Beck
9125 Camp Light Ave. #101
Las Vegas, NV. 89149

(Just print this off tape it to that box...You can replace those burnt things with a pair of shoes. Size 9, thanks so much)

Amanda said...

Ok. So I made my first comment on the more recent post, then saw this gem. I had to comment again. Very nice.

Markie23 said...

Burny, P.L., Cinaburn, and Mr. Burns. I'll be laughing myself to sleep tonight, on my wee pillow.

I was so touched by his birth story, and Jenny, I think you did the right thing by putting Cinaburn up for adoption. Just remember to use protection next time you're at the bakery. You're lucky you didn't get a yeast infection.

Now I'm sure Burny had a great time on vacation, but I hope your not neglecting his education. He will also need some structure and discipline. I am thinking he needs a strong father figure.

Now, I know that I once dressed like little bo-peep, but I am a man now, and I believe I can give little P.L. the stability he needs at this time in his life.

My goals will be to make sure he gets his Eagle Scout award, and his High School diploma, and prepare him for his mission and higher education.

Don't make me have to go to court for custody. I am prepared to do what it takes to make sure Young Mr. Burns becomes a productive member of society.

I will not rest until Cinaburn is safely in my care.