Monday, September 29, 2008

Three Sets of Twins

You probably didn't notice, because I didn't skip a beat with my blog, but I had quite the weekend. On Thursday, our friends went out of town & guess who got some new roomies! They have three kids almost the exact same ages as our kids. The boys are literally days apart and the girls are two months apart. So yeah, I stocked up on chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas and popcorn and we had a heck of a weekend.

The JBird Twins:


The TBone Twins:


Aaaand the BeeBee Twins:


It was pretty much mayhem at any given time around the Landerson home. There was one point where 4 out of the 6 were crying....srsly.

Some things I learned for the next time:

  • Your house is going to be trashed. Accept this and move on. Do not let a messy house determine your happiness.
  • You will get nothing done. Yes, I could blog in 5 minute increments but, believe me, the second they saw me head for the computer there were requests for snacks, turning on a particular show and/or more juice.
  • Two 2.5 year olds cannot sleep in the same room. Scratch that.. two 2.5 year olds cannot FALL asleep in the same room. It's one of those Newton Laws you don't hear much about.
  • Be lenient when they come home bearing gifts such as crawdads, frogs and other strange fish-type things because that meant you just had about an hour of semi-peace while all the boys were down at the creek.
  • Stock up on fruit snacks and paper plates.
  • Every night you will look at the clock thinking it's midnight (cuz you're exhausted) and it will only be 9:30pm. Use these two and a half free hours you just picked up to do something useful and constructive like watch The Office premier or blog.
  • The house will be trashed. Wait, did I already say that?
  • The basement will be even thrasheder (think packing peanuts ripped to shreds EVERYWHERE).
  • Breathe deep & remember that your friends really needed a fun time away and it's really not THAT much harder than having just your own kids here. Plus you'll get yours when you go on that Caribbean Cruise in December (for NINE days). Yeepaw!


ajesplin said...

I'm glad you didn't let a little thing like watching/feeding/entertaining triples take priority over your blog. Yer the best. I used to do these crazy things where I'd invite all my nieces and nephews over for a sleepover, even the ones still in Pull-ups. I would feed them tons of junk food and let them stay up all night running wild through my house, but dagnabit I was determined to be Aunt Fun even if it killed me.

Memzy said...

Srsly, I had NO idea you had this kind of stuff happening at your place.

I've accepted that I will never be the favorite aunt. Just ask Hayden. He doesn't like to spend the night at my house too often onnacuzza I make them go to bed and stuff.

And WHA? The Caribbean!! More deets porfa.

Amy Thurston said...

I would rather my house get trashed than actually watch six kids. I bet they scared the rest of your mice away too. Jenny is in a tie with Sara for aunt fun. I bowed out of the competition early on.

Sox said...

Hooray for great friends who save us when we really need it. And Hooray for learning that our (own) kids aren't that bad, when compared to a houseful of kids.

Carol said...

You may claim the title of Most Fun Aunt for your generation--but let's not be concerned about MY generation. I won, I won, I won!! Why?
1. I never served powdered milk to my guests.
2. We always had hidden food in the van when visiting "others".
3. We didn't have a chore list for visiting children.
4. TV was expected--not rationed. "Get back in there and watch your 3 hours of TV by noon or you can't have any more candy."
6. I did, however, make everyone go to bed at a decent hour as this is my one non-negotiable hang-up. I am a very cranky person without sleep. Ask anyone.

So, congrats on your successful weekend of watching triplets AND blogging. You are the new Molly Mormon we all want to be like.

Landee said...

We definitely had a 4 hour/day mandatory TV watching rule. No candy though... I'm not crayzee!! These kids aren't related so the "Favorite Aunt" title doesn't apply. Maybe I'm going for "Favorite Person of our Parent's Friends/People at Church?"

Oh, did I not mention the cruise? ::said all nonchalantly:: Yeah, Gty & I and the in-laws (parents only) are headed down to the Caribbean for their 40th wedding anniversary. It should be pretty fun. ::secretly jumping up and down & screaming from excitement::

Amy Thurston said...

You don't need to jump up and down secretly. And I wouldn't have given out candy either, because then I would have had to make sure they brushed their teeth. And I wouldn't have wanted to have to do that.

ajesplin said...

How are you gonna blog from the Caribbean? Get your priorities straight, lady!

Landee said...

I will be taking my laptop and using their wi-fi...duh! I made sure they had that before I accepted my in-laws' invitation to go on this all-expenses-paid-by-them trip.

Srsly, I woulda turned it down if they didn't have the wi-fi. For you gize.

Emily said...

Wow--you really didn't skip a beat! How fun for your kids!

lovedkat said...

so your the funnest friend to leave the kids with huh? hmm comps on....your very brave taking on 6 kids for an entire weekend and still blogging. i had 6 of my own for awhile and didnt get into blogging untill i got back to just my own 4....have fun on that cruise

sarastrasser said...

^^^Katie, maybe you should take a page from Landee's smart remark book and take all 4 of my kids for the week. I would return the favor but.....

Very impressive for blogging as well as you did with so many mongrels running around your house. I am an excellent tuner-outer. They could be screaming for juice right into my ear and if I am in the middle of something, I won't even hear it.

Wow Amy, You think I am at the top for favorite aunt?? Is that your own opinion did you hear that from one of the kids?? Who said it...Tell ME!!!

Beardall Family said...

So nice of you!!! I'm sure Ann was super appreciative. And boy does she have something comin. :) You'll get your chance ... pay-backs are a B sometime.