Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday is Saturday No More

My Saturdays used to be my "free day." I lived for Saturdays when I was a kid. It almost seemed magical.... "What? Tomorrow is Saturday? What special and exciting thing will happen when I wake up?" It usually was no special and exciting thing but just not having to go to school was enough for me.

Saturdays are now my busiest day of the week. If I find a couple of minutes of downtime on a Saturday now I am lucky.

JBird started his first season of Flag Football today. He has played basketball, baseball and soccer for years but never organized football. He was so excited for his first game this morning he could hardly contain himself. He played on the defense squad today as the middle linebacker. Nobody was gettin' by this kid.


His focus is impeccable.

BOOM! Flag down.


BAM! Another flag down.


At first we were thinking he was going to be bugged that he was on defense the whole time but after the game he said he loved it. He likes being able to be in on every play. On offense you pretty much have to be the QB to really get to do much.

And what was Beebs doing this whole time? The same things any responsible little mommy would be doing....

Walking her babies around the park.

And pushing them on the swing...

She looks almost as interested as VegasJenny probably did when her actual child was on the swing. She just needs a little iPod and she'd be a dead ringer.

So we had that, then came home, had some lunch and then it was off to watch TBone test to move from yellow belt to orange belt in TaeKwonDo.




^^^ That is Tbone trying to recite a bunch of stuff he was supposed to have memorized. I've never, not even one time, worked with him to help him memorize it. I figure that's Massa Kwon's job... what am I paying him for anyway? But yeah, he didn't know a lot of it. Luckily there was a black belt behind him to prompt/tell him what to say. He does know Tae Kwon Do Article #9 though because it's his favorite... "Never attack without reason. Mercy Sir!"

Speaking of "MassaKwon"...


He looks all serious there with his clipboard and stuff but he's a sucker for TBone's comedy.

The best part:



TBone loved that he broke the board into THREE pieces. He's got to be pretty tough to do that, right Mom? Right? Huh? Don't you think? Totally.


So, I guess Saturdays, though not filled with watching cartoons and eating sugared cereals are still quite fun & magical in their own way. If I could just figure out how to fit in a nap, it'd be perfect.


Beardall Family said...

You got some great shots!

danandcami said...

WOW! you are busy!! Very talented children there. So tell us did he get orange belt?

Carol said...

Great pictures Tiffers. I love looking at your kids and knowing they are each very different from each other and yet of the same mold. I know that's deep but you get my drift. Tanner's scar looks good and will probably fade away fairly quickly. And for sure, Brynny is just a midget Tiff. Enjoy these Saturday's. They'll be gone before you know it. Ah heck, then you can just enjoy your grandkids. NBD

ajesplin said...

Does pain exist in that dojo?

My Saturdays are really short (they start at noon), so I don't think I could fit all that in. You're a good mom, unlike those of us obsessed with our iPods (<--more common than you think).

Memzy said...

You really should go to my post to see how you and I compare in all this Saturday bidness. Me no likey lots of stuff.

1. Jbird is born to play the ball.
2. Beebs is just copying her mommy. Jeans included.
3. Tbone looks like he SRSLY enjoys/focuses on that kara-tay stuff. It's nice there's something else besides the DS to grab him right?

Keeping Up with the Joneses said...

I gave up even trying to get Saturday naps years ago (sorry to burst your bubble) But I love soccer games and cheer competitions ! I totally live vicariously through my kids. Hey - I'm totally stumped by your movie quote - you gonna give it up ?

Landee said...

Pain doesn't exist there and they always yell out "Put him in a body bag, Johnny!!"

And for sure he got the orange belt! They don't "test" until they think he's ready to pass. The test is more of a formality I think. And for real, this is the only place I've seen TBone focused on anything other than a video game for an extended period of time. It's been nice for his borderline ADD (diagnosed by me).

AJ, I WANT my Saturdays to start at noon. How do you swing that?

Cristin said...

yeah, I'm kind of relieved my kids are the athletic type...otherwise hubby would have a very busy day.

Amy Thurston said...

I guess I am an early riser, 'cause I get up around 10 on Saturdays. That gives me two hours on Jenny. My favorite part of Karate Kid is the body bag quote. I hate when Sat. is busy. Can't I just have ONE day of the week to have no plans? What about ME? Isn't that what having a family is all about? ME?

Landee said...

My sentiments exactly, Amy. You birth these kids and then it's nothing but upkeep from then on out... even on SATURDAYS.

Memzy said...

Kids really cramp my style. Except for on October 24th!

Landee said...

Wait, we're not bringing our kids??? Well, that throws a monkey wrench in all the plans. jaykay. Woot woot!

Jenny said...

Yeah, when did Saturdays become so much WORK? Loved the picture of Beebee with all the dolls piled in the swing. Very funny.

quesetescapa said...

This is why I avoid organized sports. That and because I would miss all the big events and people would ask why I am such a crappy mom.

So feel good about providing your kids with enrichment and just remember, at least you have Tivo (note the correct spelling.)