Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nahnahnahnahnah, you say it's your birthday....

...nahnananana, it's Gty's birthday too!!

That's right, people. It's my baba's birthday today. In honor of him, I shall do a photo tribute to him. And no, tribute is not too dramatic of a word... it's his birthday, c'mon.

Here is the young man a mere 37 years ago. Sidebar, wasn't my FIL cool? He's all Buddy Holly meets James Dean here. He still exudes coolness, btw. Anyway, that is EXACTLY what Jbird looked like as a baby. Exactly. With no variations. It's actually quite strange to see my FIL at age 30 holding my baby.


Then Gty grew up a little and turned into Dennis the Menace. How cute is he? It's no wonder our kids are so dang adorable. And here I was thinking it was MY genes this whole time.


Whoops.... spoke a little too soon. If Jbird is truly Gty's clone then I guess I need to brace myself for some awkward years comin' up....


I don't even think "awkward" truly describes what is going on below. Is that a saxophone I see there? For some reason I had this picture saved as "ladykillah." Well.... yeah! Obviously!


I wish I had that picture that I made that regrettable comment about but alas, I do not. Needless to say, he grew up, went on a mission and went from totally geek to totally chic! That's about when I jumped on the Gty bandwagon. Try not to stare at the caterpillars that are in the spots where my eyebrows should be. Yikes. My friend, Phoxy, looked at this picture for the first time and, after getting control of her laughing, said "It looks like you... but not really....'s your twin sister that was never let out of the house."


One of my fave pics of Gty & the boys. They were 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 there. Love it.


And one of my favorite recent pictures of Gty. Not necessarily because it's a great picture of him, but because it shows how much he absolutely adores BeeBee. Several times a day he'll turn to me and say "Have you ever seen a cuter little girl?" She sooo had him at hello it's not even funny. I love it. Especially because he was thinking he didn't even really want any girls. Silly, silly Gty.


For those of you who don't really know Gty, I have a couple of stories to illustrate his personality. He is absolutely the funniest person I know. He makes me laugh all day, every day. He handles things in such a great way & makes life so much more enjoyable. The best thing about him is he doesn't let me get away with ANYTHING! I am comfortable enough to admit that some other guys would be unable to "deal" with me... I'm bratty & mean. Gty knows this. Gty handles it. Gty, in some strange way, loves it. ::insert line here about how he's my soulmate, blah blah blah::

Example Numero Uno:

There are times when Gty goes to bed before me. It doesn't happen very much, but when it does I have some complaints. We have several pillows on our bed. Some for show & some for sleeping. Well, when I go to bed, I take all the non-essential pillows off the bed, place them lovingly on the floor, lovingly turn on the ceiling fan, lovingly open the window, and lovingly close the blinds. When Gty would go to bed before me, he'd barely carve a little place out for himself in between the pillows and go to sleep. I would then come in, in the pitch dark, and then have to take off all the pillows, open the window, turn the fan on, etc. It bugged me (I told you I was bratty). So I asked Gty if he would plzthanks be a little more considerate (see?) and take care of some of the pre-bed routine when he goes to bed first so I don't have to do it in the dark.

The next day I walk into our bedroom to go to bed and this is what I find on my pillow (all decorative pillows were off, btw):


See what I mean? His ability to not take anything except BYU football too seriously is truly a gift.

Second Example:

My sister's all time favorite Gty story is when I wanted to toot my own horn & it backfired a bit. Gty had gotten out of the shower & went to put on some deodorant. His was pretty much gone so he then walked over to where I keep my surplus of all things toiletry and grabs another one. I turn around all smug and say "Wow. Isn't it so nice to just walk over there when you need something and just pull it out without having stepped foot in a grocery store for years?" To which he immediatly replied "Well yeah, and isn't it nice to go into a store and swipe that magic card thingy and just get stuff you want having never worked a day in your life?"

a) I totally worked at Staples the summer after my senior year of high school.
b) Oh... right.

See what I mean? I need him. Had I married anyone else they would probably just be over in the corner in the fetal position by now. And our kids would only be half as cute as they are now.

So Happy, Happy Birthday to my dear sweet. "For his birthday" he stayed in UT to watch UCLA get annhilated by the Cougs and is flying home today at 2pm. We will then proceed to shower him with birthday wishes, open presents and eat ice cream cake. Then he's home for two weeks straight! Yay!

I love you, Baba!


Amy Thurston said...

I didn't realize Gty and Bella's b-days were so close. We should have done a combined party.
Happy B-day to him!

ajesplin said...

Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! Happy B Gty! And he's lucky, too, because not all wives buy back-up deodorant. Some actually call their husbands on the way home from a 13 work day and tell him to stop by the store and pick up all the stuff they need. (I'm SO glad I financially supported us for those first 4 years of our marriage so I can pull crap like that and Anthony won't have a comeback.)

BTW, when I saw that picture of Gty with the girl, I was like, "Who's the polygamist with Gty? Does Landee have a sister wife?" I think it was bib dress.

Amy Thurston said...

Speaking of Renesme, I have been pronouncing Gty's name Gitty.

Markie23 said...

I was pronouncing it Gotty. Landee can I buy a vowel please?

Landee said...

Um,'s Gitty.... like how 50Cent pronounces it FittyCent. I mean, you can call him w/e you want, I'm just sayin'.

I know AJ, total polygamist look. The sad thing is I remember buying that dress at Costco or something and thinking it was the CUTEST thing I had ever seen. And I'm telling you, well groomed eyebrows will change a person's life!

Memzy said...

1. I was with you when you bought that dress. We borrowed our friend's car and drove 30 miles up the road to Sandy to buy it and look for some Birkenstocks for me. Fact.
2. I knew Gty was for you right from the moment he walked into our apartment and had a "discussion" with you about the qualities of Pearl Jam. And he could hang and fire comebacks like no other. ::sigh::
C. I feel like I MAY have had something to do with you guys being together onnacuzza I sent that one guy away at the door with our detergent. Yourwelcome.

And happy beeday Gtydollahs!!!

Landee said...

I don't think I would ever have gotten back together with the guy with the detergent though. However, I'm glad we never had to find out.

The bestest thing you did was let Gty borrow your History book so he had to come over to the apt. all the time.

That's right! You were with me when I got that was Costco, wasn't it?

Memzy said...

DEF Costco. And I had forgotten about the history book. Now I remember his asking me something along the lines of, "how serious is Landee with this guy anyway?"

Kylee said...

Happy Birthday Jerry, from the both of us. Love reading this blog, it is now the first one I check.

quesetescapa said...

1. I love that pic of you because I don't actually remember you looking like that. Seems glammed down from your normal.
2. I love how gty manhandles you too. He doesn't let you get away with crap. Ever.
3. We move a lot and I meet a lot of funny people but he honestly will be forever the funniest person I have EVER met (you can win for the ladies contest) and your kids, whether they like it or not, do not stand a chance of being boring.
4. In spite of the fact that you have a great husband AND lucked out with the best in-laws ever, you still deserve it since you make everyone around you so happy too.

Landee said...

Kylee... so good to see you in the comments! I'm sure a post dedicated entirely to Jerry is exactly what you & Shanelles want to read on a nice Sunday evening!

Lee... even with a newborn babe in your arms, you still know how to choke a girl up. Love you!

danandcami said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice thing to do for your husband. I loved the pictures! And I agree your husband is very funny but I love being around you because you are funny too. I always admire that characteristic in others.

Beardall Family said...

You are seriously the best wife ever. If you think HE'S funny, he must be absolutely hillarious because I think you are pretty darn-dang funny yourself. Cracking up at the maid's note on your bed!!! :) Great post!

Amy Thurston said...

I just noticed you need one more "nah".

Landee said...

Amy... no uh! There is the perfect amount of Nahs. You're singing that Beatles song, right? Perfect amount.

Elisa & Cami, you really haven't seen Gar in all his glory. But I appreciate the kudos!

Cristin said...

Happy Birthday!!! Welcome to the family by the way.

WOW I seriously did not recognize you in that picture but then again I've only known you for a little while so....that's my excuse.

Amy Thurston said...

I am singing it from 16 Candles, and you need one more Nah.

Memzy said...

::singing it in my head and then outloud::

I think the nah's are right.

And funny was up there in her top 5 for a hubby so Gty fit right in on that list.

ps. I still remember the day H-er came over to pluck our caterpillars for us and we cried from pain. Can you imagine?

ajesplin said...

All this talk about a missing "nah" when there is a blinding "apostrophe s" missing on the "it".

Also, I was calling him Getty, like Getty Lee from Rush. wrong?

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Garrett!! and congrats on such a good wife and visa versa. And here I thought I won the prize for the bestest hubby in the world. I guess it depends on who's voting :) It's true--you and Garrett provide all of us with lots of laughter. As I've said before. . .Cris is always asking "has Tiffers posted today? He also loves Em's. If anyone's interested I could post some nastalgic pix of those two girls that would get me a laugh or to. Any takers?

Amy Thurston said...

OOHHH, someone just blew Gty's cover, or should I say Garrett!!??!?!?

ajesplin said...

All this talk about a missing apostrophe Ss on the "it," when there is an added apostrophe e on the "your."

Landee said...

Jenny, what on earth are you talking about???

Cristin said...

CAROL! You have to post the pictures!

Memzy said...

Go for it, mom. I dare you!