Thursday, September 11, 2008

School Pictures

So the boys got their school pictures back. Have a look and then we shall discuss...





I don't know why I opted for the BLUE background. It's a little too blue. Like, unnaturally blue. If I were the type to hang pictures like these on my wall, that color would go with zero things that I have. Also, what is with the inconsistency in the poses? J's is all sit-up-straighty with about a foot of dead space above his head and TBone's is all close up & like he's about to say his nightly prayers. (side note: Tbone's prayer last night: "thank you for fruit.... and thank you for plants.... if we didn't have plants, the Earth would be dead to me.")

They both definitely look like fake smiles but JBird pulled his off better than T did. If I had no photography skillz I'm guessing I'd make Tbone get a retake. But as it is it sorta captures his personality in a funny way.

Some reference points:

Gty in 3rd Grade

I would have SO been crushing on ^^^^ circa 1981.

Landee in 1st Grade


Gotta love the mauve corduroy overalls. I remember those being extremely roomy & comfy. And not nearly as difficult to get off to go to the bathroom as you'd think.


Memzy said...

KAY, firstly, those school photographers sucketh. Everybody knows that. I spose they have to be that bad considering the volume of kids they have to take that day. And o-nay on the oo-blay. Wow.

B) I am surprised that how much Jbird does NOT resemble Gty$ in his pic. I always thought of him as a mini-Gcash but he have some of you in him afterall. Tbonz is obv. you.

Landee said...

I wonder though... if Jbird had the crooked bangs hurrdid and the "I'm smiling but trying to look like a rabbit" smile...... hmmmm.....

Memzy said...

I see where you're going with that. But the nose is completely diff.

I like the rabbit-smile analogy tho. It works.

ajesplin said...

Tboz looks like a future US prez. in his picture. He's about to say something important starting with, "Look,..."

You're an adoribibble 1st grader, like Cindy Brady.

The only photos my husband has of himself growing up are his school pictures. Sad, huh? For some kids, that's the only pictures they'll ever have of themselves. He'd always dress up in his scout uniform too (of his own accord) because picture day was so important to him. Sad, huh?

PS. My uncle Mark gave you a shout out on his blog today. He's been sneaking around here. ::looking around with shifty eyes::

Amy Thurston said...

You and your hubby look to be more related than your boys. hmmm, did you say you were in Colorado...City? I am a fan of TBoz pic as well. I think he was in the middle of telling the photographer he needed to find a new job. The photo guy obviously felt like the lecture was taking too long, and just went ahead and snapped the picture in the midst.

Katie said...

You look just a bit like Nelly Olsen in a blond, curl ponytail sort of way. Not the dreaded ugly face kind of way.

Carol said...

Loved the pictures! I think Jbird looks more like Garrett now than when he was that age. And again, Tbone and Brinny----all Tiff.

Jenny said...

Thomas' and James' school pictures were iffy, too. I picked just the default background for both, but Thomas' came back BRIGHT green. But, he at least was sitting nicely and smiling. James' had the right background, but they tried to get him to do the arms-folded pose, and he has this weird fake smile...very similar to TBone's actually.

Landee said...

Amy, the night before we got married some sales guy in ZCMI was like "So, you guys are brother & sister?" I mean, what? Two people both have blonde hair and blue eyes and they are automatically related?


Memzy said...


Memzy said...

And if only you peeps KNEW Tbone, you would be nodding your head yes at that pic.