Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ok, I get it

Two sure signs that you haven't cooked for a while.

1) You go to pre-heat the oven and your 6yo says "Yes! Pizza tonight!"

2) Your 2yo says she's hungry. When you say "K, just a minute... Mommy's going to make dinner." She says "Pizza?" Me, "No." 2yo, "Cereal?"

I'm in a funk. A cooking rut, if you will. And I know you will.

Along these same lines, Gty called a couple of days ago (yes, he's out of town again) and mentioned that he's a skosh worried about 9/11. He asked me to plzthanks go to Costco and get THREE weeks worth of food. THREE weeks! Uh...... ok? So I got $400 worth of stuff. I don't know if it will feed us for three weeks but that's what I got. :::putting on my new Crest White strips:::


Amy Thurston said...

Yes, crest white strips are in the essentials catagory. I don't have time to run to Costco before 9/11, so I guess we're gonna die.
You are like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber, when he goes out to get "only the essentials" and comes back with a giant hat, a paddle ball set, pin wheels, and dirty magazines.
I bet you cook more than Jenny, who only knows how to heat the frozen meals.

Landee said...

Foam 10-gallon hats ARE an essential! That is also when he says my favorite line of all time.. he gets that old guy to watch his stuff for him and goes "Old people, though slow & dangerous behind the wheel, CAN serve a purpose."

(PS I'm sure you're not going to die.... be sooooper hungry, maybe, but not die)

Memzy said...

Another essential is shampoo and conditioner. You can't be dying with oily/dull hair.

I cannot BELIEVE you are in a cooking funk. It seems UNpossible to me. You are like Martha Stewart up there in Denvah and such.

Cristin said...

Um I so understand your cooking funk, I've been in one since the day I got married and was the main cooker...or cook or...baker...or baker person or whatever the title is to this crappy job.

Crap...i think we're going to starve to death...well maybe not, we do have a years supply of beef and tomato sauce.

I love those crest white strips they rock!

ajesplin said...

Last I checked, pizza and cereal are food. And I'd rather starve to death than eat Crest White Strips.

FYI, you can drink the water in your toilet bowl, you just have to boil it first--convenient for making Top Roman.

Landee said...

Survival tips from AJ! Love it. The Crest White strips are not for eating... they're so when they find your starved, dead body you'll at least have Brooke Shields teeth.

Memz, you flatter me. ::opening can of Spaghetti Os::

Cristin, I believe the title you're looking for is family slave.

Memzy said...

^^I like that. I'm gonna quote you in my next sacrament talk.

colleen said...

Y'all make me laugh everytime! I love how I can just come to the landersons and sit back and enjoy the humor...