Friday, September 5, 2008

Our Kitchen O.R.

It's been 4 days since "the scooter incident." Dr. Snowboarder told us to get TBone's stitches out in 3-5 days. So now we had a decision to make.... make an appointment at the pediatricians, have to put on outdoor clothes, go sit in a waiting room and pay $???.?? to have some nurse take scissors and snip three times OR..... we could just do it ourselves.

We went with option B. Mostly because of the changing clothes factor.

Here is TBone moments before going under the knife (small craft scissors).


Here he is on the operating table.


Obviously the "silly gas" we gave him was working... jaykay, that's how he always looks.

Dr. GtyCent, MD inspecting the incision...


Our tools of choice were small scissors, a large needle, and tweezers. I was Gty's assistant but I probably did more harm than good. I must have said "Let's just take him in." about 20 times. Gty persevered. He kept insisting this was just like getting slivers out. As the resident Sliver-Getter-Outter he out ranked me on this one.

In my defense it was a little distracting when Tbone kept repeating "I think I'm gonna die, I think I'm gonna die, I think I'm gonna die..." We assured him that the WORST thing that could happen was we accidentally scissor his face and he has to get more stitches. Duh! What's the big deal?

Operation a success! Medical school? We don't need no stinkin' medical school!


Please note the dirty Halloween shirt.... he put that on this morning and was like "Mom! I haven't worn THIS shirt in forever!" He will probably want to wear white after Labor Day too. ::sigh::

Sadly, now our jokes like "Hey Stitch, where's Lilo?" are going to have to stop. But I'm thinking now we can start calling him Scarface and teach him how to say "Say hello to my little friend!" with a thick Spanish accent. Not that I've seen that movie, er, what I mean is, um ... it's just a really famous line. Seriously.


Memzy said...

I love how you pretend that it's annoying to put on outdoor clothes. Silly girl.

Gtyhaypennies seems very calm and with his radio assuring voice, I'm sure Tbone was in the zone. Nice works Dr Landerson.

ajesplin said...

I bet when University of Phoenix sees this post, they'll issue you gize medical degrees straight away.

So, I'm confused. The Halloween shirt is not outdoorsy?

Landee said...

It's not "outdoorsy" clothes I'm talking about (i.e. lumberjack shirts and camo), I'm talking about OUTDOOR clothes (i.e. something more than cut-off sweats, faded t-shirts and slippers). I would have had to change into jeans or something to go to the real Drs. I wasn't feelin' jeans today.

Sox said...

I usually opt for the stitches removal at home too. Mostly 'cause I hate schlepping all the kids to the dr for a 5 minute visit. These days I try to get glue instead of stitches.

Beardall Family said...

Classic. You've got one brave kid.

Memzy said...

Especially designer jeans. ::giggle::

Landee said...

Memzy has it out for me today for some reason.

I wish they would have done glue too but no.... he wouldn't even do the dissolving kind of stitches. Dumb Dr. Snowboarder.

Memzy said...

Those snowboarding docs prolly think it's extra gnarly to have REAL stitches or something.

Or maybe he didn't know how. I mean, that Doc looked pretty young, no?

quesetescapa said...

Niiice- I will have to remember that if my kids get stitched they don't actually have to go to the doc to get them removed.

I never imagined you as the type to skip Western Medical advice but I like this rebellious side of you!

Landee said...

That doc WAS way young.... and shaggy.

Lee, that's what being self-employed and having crappy insurance will drive normally sane parents to do.

Cristin said...

Yeah, I try not to put on outdoorsy clothes unless I absolutely have too. It's rarely worth the effort.

Hey I'm in the land of "alternative" medicine, we poo poo on modern medicine especially when you have a nice long kitchen counter and cute little scissors around.

ajesplin said...

Western medicine is overrated. Next time my kid gets a deep cut like that, I'm taking him up to Oregon to see a chiropractor.