Thursday, September 18, 2008

Moderation in ALL Things?

For my b-day this past year (I turned 33, btw, I'm not ashamed) my dear sweet surprised the crapola out of me and got me a MacBook. I have loved it like I've loved no other piece of machinery. Scratch that, I really like the DVR. It's close though. And my minivan is right up there. I'll stop the list right there.

Anyway, I just got myself a 750 GB external hard drive for it so I don't slow Ole Mackey down (this is the first time I've called it that, just so you know).

So I took some time a couple of days ago, in anticipation of my Unflattering Pics post, to transfer all the photos off the old HP on to my hard drive so I could access them easier on Ole Mackey (second time, that is really catchin' on!).

I was astonished at how many photos I have. Nay, floored to the ground.

24, 996

I mean, if I had a nickel for every photo I transfered, I'd have, like.....::getting out calculator:: $1,249.80!!!!

And that was just since 2004 when we got our first diggy cam plus a smorgasborg of scanned in pics.



Aside from slowing down our desktop to a mere slug's pace, I can see no downside to having TOO many photos. So I'm not changing my ways behind the lens, I just thought you should know.

See, proof that even the most meinial things in my life are fascinating.


ajesplin said...

Hmm. Fascinating. I'm WAY younger than you, BTW, so it's good that you feel secure about your age or you'd be threatened by my youth. You should print off your pictures and organize them into photo albums. I figured it out for you, and you will only have to buy 125 photo albums and it will only cost $4,249.32 plus tax to print them off.

Landee said...

You can't be THAT much younger than me because you have a 10 year old. If you are "WAY younger" then you have some 'spalining to do. But nice try. ::glad I still had my calculator out::

As for your figures, if I delete all the nasty ones of myself it'll probably only cost around $2000.000.

danandcami said...

But you are so good at it you have to take a lot!! We are grateful that you do:)!

Br Boys said...

Consider yourself invited the breakfast club. Maybe you can get your cuz to come hang out with us! I quess we are 2nd to the gym.( but I think there is money involved!) He, he

Carol said...

So Tiffers--here's a question. What happens if, say, there's a fire, flood or theft and your new external drive, etc. are goners. What then? I don't mean to be raining on your parade but here's some advice. I back up pictures on CD's in groupings (reunions, yadda, yadda) and then make splendid picture labels. I actually have them in a safe place (cannot divulge). Prior to diggy cameras we used to have pop quizzes with everyone in the house: "What is the first thing you grab in case of fire?" "NO--not the dog, although you can grab him on the way out. Not your favorite blanky, etc. etc." "Grab the box of negatives in the closet by the front door!!!" Ask any one--they'll back up my story. Never mind--the boys probably won't remember. You probably already back up/store/safeguard your photos in some way but I once had a nightmare about losing all my photos. Got up at 3:00 A.M. and did some backing up.

Amy Thurston said...

Carol's right. I think I will just back mine all up on my blog. They say once you put something on the internet it is impossible to get it off. So I think it will be the safest place for all 20,000 of my pictures too. I'll just start getting them all ready for my next post.

Landee said...

Aunt Visor, Why so secretive about your CD stash?? Is it under your mattress? Be honest. I've backed up my backups so no need to worry there. But I appreciate you trying to rub your picture anxiety off on to me. I know you do it because you care.

Amy, I've strapped on my carpal tunnel wrist brace and am ready to scroll through all your pictures. I promise to look at and comment on every single one. I have the time.

ajesplin said...

::Trying to decide if I'd rather have some 'spalining to do, or be old::

The truth is, I had weak morals as a teen. That's how come I have a ten year old.

Landee said...

I believe it about you (I've seen your poses in front of "the place") but I don't believe it about Anfernee.

ajesplin said...

Anfernee is easily swayed(<--nice way of saying he's a perv). Face it. I'm significantly younger than you.

Landee said...

Younger yes... significantly...mmmmmm, no. Once you hit 30 everyone is "the same age."

Oh, and oh yeah, this discussion is over.

::running to mirror & lamenting over crow's feet::

ajesplin said...

If you want proof, check my profile. I put my age on there.

PS. should I rethink this picture?

ajesplin said...

Or is this one better?

Landee said...

That profile is outdated, everyone knows that. You're not fooling anyone.

Keep the picture... you look totally groovy.

Landee said...

Def #2

Markie23 said...

So... if you start posting 20 pics a day on your blog, we will see all your pictures in 3 years, 154 days days (Feb 20, 2012). Of course then you will have to post the 3 years, 154 days worth of pics, but eventually you would catch up.
Better get to postin'!

Landee said...

^^ has serious math/calendar skillzz.

Cristin said...

WOW I so need a good calculator for this blog.

Jenny, I'd choose weak morals too but that' s just me, I'm having age anxiety or maybe it's just early gray hair anxiety. Either way I'd rather have weak morals... wait ...yeah, weak morals.

I guess I have some work to do.
:: telling LM that he needs to back up all our/my pictures ::

Annalisa said...

We had an external hard drive for these same brilliant reasons....until one day my favorite son picked it up and threw it. Oh yes the hard drive was no more. I have no idea what we lost. Probably all of the baby videos. So now we use an external site for like $5 a month.