Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AI: For the Record

Here are the votes for tonight's AI Results show.  If I've missed anyone please let me know as I'm trying to add in all my emailed and texted picks as well. The last name is the one they pick to go home.

ME: Timmy, Shizzam, Alz
Mikey: Shizzam, Alz, Timmy
Markie: A2.0, DD, Timmy
Kimi: DD, Shizzam, Timmy
Jana: DD, Timmy, Alz
AV: Shizzam, Timmy, DD
Cog: Shizzam, DD, Timmy
Flem: A2.0, Alz, Timmy
Memzy: Shizzam, DD, Timmy
Anna: Shizzam, DD, Timmy
SolidGold: DD, Alz, Timmy
HotPantalones: Timmy, Alz, Shizzam
Stackey (my SIL!): DD, A2.0, Timmy
RoddTodd: Timmy, DD, Shizzam
Jespy: Alz, Timmy, DD

I'm seeing a lot of Timmys in bold up there.  It's making me nervous.  I just pray his likability keeps him on and Alzy's bumpits kick her off.  Can I get a what-what Jana???  ::cyber fist bumping Jana in all y'allz faces and then saying a silent prayer we are right::


Princess Kimi said...

Bout time! Thx btw. But it's going to be no big whooptiedoodle when I'm right..seeing as lots of those %s of us picked the same people. I think my new strategy will have to be to pick like the renagade that I truly am. Wearing my assless chaps. p.s. can we say ass here? It's in the Bible and that other book. just sayin. jawbone. etc.

StandsMom said...

I'm just 100% thrilled that you said "all y'allz." I just texted my votes to you. Just as the results show is starting...

Princess Kimi said...

btw I think I keep forgetting to mention how much I liked the changeup of talking to the contestants back stage right after they performed and got judged. Especially the seeing Sheebvongs pout.

michelangelo said...

i'm on the east coast, and...

AAAAACK! wrong again. i'm wrong again.

Princess Kimi said...

I need time to digest this. It's odd because I'm not surprised or sad or anything. maybe I'm dead inside. BBL

Hot Pants said...


Jana said...

Crap. Missed the fist bump. ::giving you a cyber hug as we wallow in our misery::

Memzy said...