Thursday, March 11, 2010

Put Your $$$ Where Your Fingers Type

Not actual money.  But pride money.  That's right.  I want you to leave a comment with your predictions of who leaves us tonight on AI.

I only want a record of this because my sister's predictions were so atrocious.  It must be documented.

Plus I am going to do this each week, and at the end of the season, I will award a prize to the one who gets the most correct.  I'll have Gty work up some kind of formula/flowchart/Excel spreadsheet to figure it all out.   And believe me, the prize will be awesome and you will want it.  It might even be THIS. You never know.  Even if you've never commented here before, do it now.  You could win a prize fhs!!

This week I'll need two girls and two boys.  I will then cut & paste them from the comments section up to this post.  So far I have:

Kim: Alzheimers/CurlySue and Andy/Mullet  <---I could barely type that with a straight face.
Me: Alzheimers/ColorBook and Archy2/LuckyDuck
Memz:  Alz/Colorbook and Archy2/Todrick
Michelangelo: ColorBook/CurlySue and LuckyDuck/Mullet
Markie23: Alz/Colorbook and Archy2/Todrick
Jespy: Colorbook/Alz   and Archy2/Todricky
Annie: Colorbook/CurlySue and Archy2/Luckyduck
Stands: Alz/ColorBook and Mullet/Archy2
HotPants: Alz/CurlySue and Arch2/Todrick
SolidGold: Colorbook/Kate+8 and Archy2/Flemsta (whoa!!!  way to go out on a limb there SG! May the odds be ever in your favor.  You're gonna need it.)
KBP: (I had to figure out who she meant through her descriptions of people but I think these are correct)  Kate+8/ColorBook and Archy2/Toderick
 Eeka: CurlySue/ColorBook and Toderick/Archy2

The rest of you haven't come right out and said anything so I don't wanna put predictions into your mouth.  Let it be known.

Just as a side note so I back up my mocking of Kim with reason and logic, here are the stats on Twitter.  The numbers below indicate how many "followers" each contestant has.  Please note the last one.

DD: 3,060
Dreads: 2,855
Alz (Katie): 2,457
Kate+8 (Lacey): 1,719
LL (Lilly): 1,710
Shizzahm (Siobhan): 1,470
CurlySue (Katelyn): 1,449
ColorBook (Paige): 705

BigMike: 1,510
Todrick: 1,640
Archy2 (Aaron): 2,573
Mullet (Alex): 2,668
Flemsta (Lee): 2,992
Casey: 3,343
LuckyDuck (Tim): 3,348
Andy: 13,008

Now, obviously the number of followers you have on Twitter has nothing to do with how many votes you have.  But I think the number of followers Andy has speaks volumes.  He will be in the top 12. Also look at the number of followers poor ColorBook has.  It makes me sad for her.  Didn't even break into the thousands.  Triple diggys.  She's a goner.

Other surprises?  That Alzy has so many.  And that BigMike has the least amount out of the guys.  And LuckyDuck has more than Casey?  Only 5 more, but still.

K, leave your predictions.   I look forward to seeing them.


michelangelo said...

boys: luckyduck and mullet
girls: didn't see it. but i'll go with colorbook and curlysue

Markie23 said...

Now I'm gonna have to watch this show with a spiral notebook fhs. Also, be sure and put yourself down for a miss and me for a hit for last weeks CC call mmmkay?

Now for this week...
Girls: Kate & Paige
Boys: Aaron & RodToddRick

I'm very iffy on the second boy, I can only guarantee that Aaron is gone, and Big Mike is solid - despite his low twitter following. BTW, I have a 0 twitter following and an enormous fan base.

Kim said...

and I look forward to going "IN YO FACE LANDEELooOooUUUU" and thrusting my pelvis in your general direction and saying do you feel that like ace ventura. And winning prizes!

Annie said...

Please don't call me a "Copy Kat"...

Archuleta 2.0 & Lucky Duck

Color Book & Curley Sue

StandsMom said...

Ok ok ok. This is EXCITING!! Girls leaving...Alz / Colorbook. Boys goin' buhbye...Mullet / Archie2.

This is tough you gize, cause it could easily be either Alz or CurlySue and likewise it could either be Archie or Lucky Duck. But, my vote stands. Final answer. P.S. My votes for who's going home is simply that. It is not a reflection of who I WANT to go home. Those names would be a bit different.

Jenny ESP said...

WTH, Kimmy? Although, based only on last night's performance, I wouldn't be surprised if Andy was gonerz, no matter what twitter has to say. But definitely not Mullet.

My official votes:

Girls: ColorPaige & OldTimersKatie
Boys: Archy2.0 & TodRicky

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

Prizes and stuff? Whoa! Can you keep this up weekly? Cuz this is way cool!
Girls: Paige and Lacey
Boys: Aaron and Lee (even tho I like him)
The boys all did quite well this week so it'll be super tight.
I think I'm gonna win though. Just a vibe.

Hot Pants said...

Girls: Alzs and Curly Sue (Although I'd like it to be Lilac)
Boys: Archie 2 and TodRick
Can't wait for my Twilight shrine.

Landee said...

Holy Cow you gize! Keep 'em coming.

Just to clarify, there will be a prize at the END of the season. Not weekly. Also, I may have 2 prizes, actually. One if you pick the winner out of the top 12 as soon as the top 12 is set and another for the week to week overall most correct picks.

We'll see. I'm still figuring out what I wanna do.

SolidGold...gutsy. I like it.

eekareek said...

Girls are Curly Sue and Coloring Book
Boys are Toddrick and Archey 2.0.

Amy has a 50% off coupon for the Lion/Lamb statue, FYI

Kim said...

OH so solidgold can say peeps you don't agree with and even throw Flemsta in there and she gets kudos for thinkin outside the box and I get a "WTH" and a whole post linked to my FB and your own calling me stoopid? I see how it is. I see. So there are weekly prizes tho?

eekareek said...

Yes, Kimmy. She is giving away weekly prizes worth up to $199.00!!!! Isn't she so generous?!?!!? BTW, you are treated so unfair. I completely side with you. Text me and we will talk about Landee.

Landee said...

This is just the same as parenting. You can't discipline all your kids the same. Some need to be spanked and others lectured. And other need only positive rewards.

Guess which one Kimi is.

Kim said...

How long before Markie watches his VHS recording so we can comment? Text me yo. ::: makin fingers to eyes then to eek and hotpants with the you know face and back to my eyes :::

Hot Pants said...

Those mormons there in Utah need to ease up on their voting. Archiletta had his moment. Quit trying to relive it gize.