Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Brizzeak

Is it still cool to put "izz" in the middle of a word?  Oh well.  I still like it anyway.

Some people might be asking where I've been lately.  Why did I have a guest blogger for my AI post?  Why haven't I been here discussing all the mundane things in my life?  Why do I have no Facebook status?

The answer is simple.  Spring Break.

We loaded in the van and headed off to Utah for some fun at Gty's parents' house.  Utah might not seem like a glamorous place to vacation, but to us it's the perfect destination.  Activities included ice skating, downhill skiing, hot tubing, roller-blading, Broadway show watching, Easter egg rolling, Easter basket scavenger hunting, out-to-eating, movie watching and river swimming.   Where else can you do all THAT, I ask you.

This post will be dedicated to the ice skating.  They built a huge ice skating practice facility in Logan when the Olympics were being held in Salt Lake City in 2002.  Since the boys are suddenly obsessed with hockey we decided to head on over to check it out.  They have skates to rent and cute little walkers for Beebs to ice skate with making it enjoyable for everyone.    We went the first day in town and then went back again after a couple of cousins flew into town.  Gty's sister flew in her two oldest girls from California for some winter time funtivities.  We will call them Rosebud and Vee.

Ice Skating Day One:

Despite that last picture up there, Tbone was an excellent skater.  JBird was even better.  It's amazing how quickly they can transfer rollerblading skillz to ice skating.  Beebs started out with her walker thingy but by the end of the week she was going out on her own.  If we lived there I'd have her signed up for figure skating lessons in a heartbeat.  She loved it.

Ice Skating Day Two:

Phil gets Grandpa of the Year for ice skating with all the kids both days.  He was making Milly and I worried sick (as we sat in the seats and watched) with all of his fancy tricks he kept attempting.  He fell a couple of times and jammed his shoulder pretty good once.  He is now worried about how it will affect his golf game.  Such sacrifice for the grandkiddies. 

Oh you think this is the end of my Spring Break pictures?  Ha!  Nice try.  More to come, my sweets...


Princess Kimi said...

I get it. You were jealous of my easterpalooza pics and had to one up me. ::: sigh :::

I HEART these pics. The one where J-Bird looks super scared for real...was he posing? If so.. get him into drama asap. He will be the next Matt Damon. And that guy is super rich dood!

Those kids all look like they get along good. That's boring. No pics of you icedancing? wha?

p.s. I keep forgetting to ask you but "someone" wants to know what the deal is with T-Bones hair. "They" have only asked me like 12teen times and I keep forgetting. Write me back, k?

Princess Kimi said...

p.s.s. No dizzout it's still kizzool dawg!

ManicMandee said...

Glad you can call Utah the perfect destination. Looks like you lived it up too!
We get Spring Brizzeak next week and I cannot wait!

Landee said...

Tell "someone" that he wanted to look just like Icabod circa 1979ish. Aaaaaand he hates getting his hair cut. I like it. It fits his personality better doyyeeeeee.

MM, UT is the bombdiggity! For visiting, that is. :) Tell me more about actually living there.

StandsMom said...

Awesomeness. I love the ice skating thing. But, did you really sit on the sidelines and watch? How come? Our little Spring Break outing is this weekend. I'm afraid our activities will be much less exciting than yours. But I will blog about it nonetheless. So glad you're home.

Markie23 said...

Living in Utah is even bombdiggitier!

Princess Kimi said...


I will pass the hurr did info on. Man I wish "they" texted fhs.

p.s. since you refuse to haul your fam out here for Christmases I think you should make it a yearly fam trip to come up for Easterpalooza. Just an idea. Make Kip and Blondee do it too. kthanks.

eekareek said...

I actually think you can do all that stuff that you listed anywhere, not just Utah. That is like saying Utah is so fun to visit because they have a McDonalds.
Now that I am done with my insults.... Beebs looks precious skating with her walker! And so does your FIL. And YES it is still cool to put "izz" in the middle of words. I should know too cuz I live in Idaho which is the epitome of cool.

Landee said...

Eeka, while I appreciate your attempt at being a total brat (and you KNOW I really do appreciate it) I was simply comparing the not-so-glamorous spring break destination of Logan, UT with more popular destinations such as SoCal, Florida and even Hawaii. Last I checked you cannot downhill ski in any of those places right now. Just let me have this fhs. There is also a McDonalds there, just fyi.

Memzy said...

I'm pretty sure "izz" is one of those timeless phrases. Same as "rad" or "off the hook". But I'm pretty hip like that.

Spring breaks roooool!! I'm on one right now so I know for fact it's true.

Jenny ESP said...

Merry Christmas!