Thursday, March 4, 2010

AI: Top 10 Ladies

Again, no fanciness.  I can't be spending all my time formatting the text/looking up the correct spelling of the original artists' names.  I have a SIL to entertain and stuff.

DirtyTeeth-  Why all the mystery surrounding the illness?  JUST TELL US WHAT IT WAS ALREADY!!!   So annoying.  I wonder if we'll ever know.  I certainly don't have time to google anything about it, what with the SIL in town and everything, but if you have let me know what you've found out. Didn't you think that her family pic showing her twin brother could so be on  It reminded me of some of the ones I've seen on there where there are these super conservative parents  and two daughters with mohawks and piercings.  As for the performance I think it says a lot that I've never heard the song and still enjoyed it.  She's legit.

Chocolate Country- Memo to CC: Avoid words like "hair athethories" mmmkay?  Text from Jespy: "...Aint about watth waitin on the other thide!!! Itth the climb!!!!!"   She funny.  Am I the only one who imagines her room back home as bright pink, animal print accents and sparkly?  Oh, and she's awful.  Just awful. is dead on.

Kate+8-  Wow.  Talk about taking the judges' suggestions seriously!  She does the song Kara suggested the next week?  I thought that was an interesting move.  It was a gajillion times better than next week but she could have gotten up there and burped the alphabet and been better than last week.  Gty hasn't seen any of these people perform until today and he liked her.  Maybe I have a grudge against her I haven't let go?   If she sticks around I'm interested to see her next move.

Alzheimers- I cannot believe she is 17.  If you told me she was the mother of three and was the Primary secretary I would totally believe you.  She's just one of these mature, oldish girls.  No amount of singing a "young, current song" is gonna help her seem young and current.  And I think the more they try and force her to act young and hip the more it's gonna seemed forced and the worse her performances are gonna be.  Having said that, she has a great voice.  She just needed to have been born about 40 years ago.

DoubleD- The mascot bit and the meowing made her seem like a major nerdball dorkwad.  And not the endearing kind of nerdy either.  Is anyone else thinking Ryan is big time crushing on her?   The way he took her wrist in the intro and then he seemed genuinely concerned about her tears?  I don't know.  I've seen him console contestants before and this was something more.  PS I thought the judges were waaaay too hard on her.  It was not as bad as they said.  I liked most of it anyway.

Michelle- So she took a rock song and turned it into a 2nd rate Beyonce song.  Big whoop.  I love her spirally hair but that is where my love for her ends.  What I got out of this performance was how stupid and clueless Randy is.  He says she didn't do anything to the song?  Was he kidding?  I could barely even recognize the song.  Randy is almost dead to me.  That means I'm almost to the point where I'll be fast forwarding through any of his comments because they mean nothing.   Pauler was dead to me, btw. 

LilacLocks- What in the one HUGE feather earring???  For a second there I thought she had dyed the underneath layers of her hair burgundy.  Her love of feather earrings is getting out of control.  My SIL, who also has not watched any actual episodes so far this season, thinks she looks like she could be a Cullen.  How did I not see this before?  She's a better Rosalie than Rosalie.    As for the singing, I liked last week's better but I haven't fallen out of like with her.

CurlySue- ::snoring::  Oh.  My.  Slow.  What was she thinking??  Because she really does have a great voice.  It kind of reminded me of this SNL performance I saw of Lady Gaga where she sat down at the piano in the middle of Poker Face or something and just started belting out this song.  Except in slow motion.  I do like her though.  I really do. 

Paige- She likes to color.  <--- said in monotone voice.  Now, I've been known to sit down with Beebs (at her request) and color.  And sometimes I have even been known to get all into it with shading and outlining and yelling at Beebs if she tries to "help" me color in my Strawberry Shortcake.  But to do it alone?  As a pre-show ritual?  I dunno.  Doesn't sit right with me.  And then, if I'm being honest, I started talking to NutShell about something and didn't really listen to the performance/care enough to rewind and watch it.  But I gathered from the judges' comments that she smiled too much. (?)

Shavahn the Glassblower- Sorry, I was still chatting with NutShell and was in and out of this performance as well (it's a 2 hour show fhs!).  But I did see some things of interest: she used to have a mohawk-- does not surprise me.  She sang Aretha Franklin and no one said anything like "that song already done been sang, girl!"  I thought she was pitchy & forced and barely held on to that high note they were raving about but what do I know?  She is extremely interesting, on that point I'll agree.  Loved Ellen's Snuggi joke.  Like, really loved it.  Best joke of the night.

Prediction time (this is where I get nervous even though no one ever holds me to anything):

GONE: Michelle and Kate+8


Markie23 said...

Chocolate Country not being voted off would be like O.J. not being found guilty all over again.

And would you stop bagging on Paula already? It cuts me deep Landee, real deep.

StandsMom said...

Dirty Teeth is my fav. I want, and fully expect, to see her in the final 4. And she BETTER be in the final 2, or people voting are IDIOTS. It would be like the year they voted off Latoya London. That girl could blow.
There isn't a single thing about Chocolate Country that I like. She is SO annoying. WHY did they pick her? I guess they need a couple of red shirts, so she should be gone.
I don't like Kate+8 either. She sucks. She is so faking it. Red shirt.
Alz. Oh boy. I agree with you Landee. I was trying to picture her with a cooler hair cut, or something. Some better shaped up brows and a little less baby fat on her cheeks. Yep. 17 goin' on 40.
DoubleD is also very annoying to me. My shoulders scrinch up like when my kids are slurping their cereal in the morning.
Michelle - I still don't know. She has some talent, but I can't figure it out yet.
LilacLocksFeatherGirl. She's weird. She really is. Somebody might think she's unique and talented, but I won't ever buy her music.
CurlySue was way way way slow, but she can sing, y'all. She just needs another week or two to really break out.
Paige colors. Alone. With markers AND crayons. Wow. Maybe she has a little Hello Kitty backpack that she keeps her coloring stuff in. She sang Kelly Clarkson's song - which deserved some anger and emotion. Instead, she sang it with a smile, like she was in a pageant. Ugh.
Savant. I finally know who she reminds me of. The weird girl from The Breakfast Club. If they show her smashing her Captain Crunch into a slice of bread, and then sprinkling it with a packet of sugar, I'm going to just die! I think she is a case of mistaken identity (as a performer). I think she kinda sucks, but it's one of those moments where I have a feeling that the judges experience is a serious factor and they see something that we don't. I'm gonna wait it out on this one too. Her mohawk suggests that she likes punk, harder stuff. What's up with the cute bow in the hair and the little dress? She's holding out. And when she comes out in her combat boots and belts out a hard one, we're gonna be blown away and then Dirty Teeth is gonna have some competition.

But Dirty Teeth will still win.

eekareek said...

I am the only one who doesn't like Dirty Teeth??? Personality is very important to me. I do think she can sing but she is a S.N.O.B. Big time, people. She is "gracing" us with her presence on A.I. because she is forced to do so because she can't pay for her dental bills AND raise a son. She needs a major attitude adjustment before I start liking her.
I like Kate+8. She is so nice and smiley. I think she has a good voice but just way too nervous. She needs to take a chill pill.
Alz is boring.
DD is good and I do think the judges are hard on her. She gets some of my votes because she cried and I feel bad for her.
Michelle-SUCKS. Her song sucked and she sang it BAD! She always looks like the sun is blaring in her eyes too.
Liliaclocks has a good voice but may be a little too 1970 heroine addict kinda music. You know what I'm saying?
I like Curly Sue. She has a big mole right in between her eyes and my BFF had a big mole in between her eyes before she got it removed and she also has super curly hair that frizzes when brushed. So I think that may be why I like her. She reminds me of my BFF.
Paige colors hippos. Fascinating. NEXT!
Siuiuofbsdjkt is really good. I like her because she is cute and nice but I did not enjoy her screech. THANKS A LOT KELLY CLARKSON!

Memzy said...

It was diabetes! At least that's what Jenny googled and told me. So it must be true.

I actually think Dreadlocks is attractive in a weird way. She is my fave girl, followed by double D ( if she could just settle down a bit). I personally think double D should have sang a coldplay song. All calm-like with a guitar. Genius!

Jana said...

You are so dang funny. Randy is such an idiot I can't even take it. What the H was he even saying??
Eek- you need to start your own AI blog that made me lollerz. (Totally agree- Dirty teeth is way too good for us)

Carol said...

Memzy and Jespy are right--Dirty teeth was sick because of her diabetes. I know this to be true because Kelly Ripa talked about it on their show this morning and they know stuff. Love your AI posts. Love them. And why, pray tell, do I not see your name on the list for the quilt sqaures for the Jeppson family quilt?

Kim said...

Carol. We don't want her on it. srsly. Bless her heart.

But anyway I totally hit unlikes about Dreds. Not even just cuz she thinks she's the coolest girl in the 6th grade. I just am not a fan. I have to thank Lispy tho. Cuz now RT hates that song..finally. Kate+8 won me over. I too thought it was "adorable" but that doesn't surprise me. Me and Ellen are like this. Alz needs to go back home while her Gramma still knows who she is so they can watch the rest of the show together and like the same songs. Double D is my girl. Nuff said. Rye totally wants to hit that. Michelle looked GORGE. That's where it ends. Did you not heart that messed up wedding dress gig? Landee fhs that's WHY Lilocks wears the freakin feather earrings! So they will contrast with her hurr did. Like hurr extensions with Panache! I heart Kaitlyn. And I immediately d/led that song. If she woulda sped it up she woulda Pwned it. Paige is RTs fave girl. whatevs. Sipwoypon is hilariously weird. And I liked it. Srsly I think she's crazy. p.s. how long till SM2000 and late leaves? She's starting to bug.

Jenny ESP said...

All true, all true. Except I predict ChoCountry will be gone. Let's see if I'm right...

Eek nailed it with Lilaclocks. Heroine for sure.