Monday, March 15, 2010

Party In the USA (cuz that's where my house is)

Not last week, but the week before that I was, super busy.   

I was busy looking at this:

And this:

And hanging out with this guy:
And listening to this girl sing the latest pop songs complete with dance moves (i.e. Single Ladies):

This all can only mean one thing, of course.  One of my favorite people in the whole world was here.  NutShell came for a visit!!!  Her hubby (Reido, who Beebs later refered to as "Dorito") came for a skiing trip with his Dad so NutShell & kids got to hang out with us all week & we partied like you've never seen partying before. 

I mean, look at these girls partying on the horses at the grocery store.

And these gize partying it up at Chuck's house. 

We actually packed all the kids up to head to a place a hundred times better than CEC's (Amazing Jake's).  The kids were starving & saying it was taking FOREVER to get there, blahblahblah (that's quoting Ke$ha, btw).... and then yay! we were finally there! 

Oh crap.


Like, closed closed.  Signs in the window saying it was for lease.  Signs taken down.  A dreadful sight. 

So then we knew we were in for a miserable night at CEC considering it was Friday night at 6 o'clock.   Long story short, apparently everyone thinks CEC will be crazy on a Friday night so nobody goes.  We had no line, plenty of places to sit & the kids ran free dumping in tokens and taking out tickets. 

It didn't matter where we were because all I was gonna do was this anyway:

That's my coy look, in case you were wondering.  She wuvs me.

How'd we fill the rest of the week?


A whole lot more of this....

(on an unrelated note, do any of you know any good cheap home remedies for crows feet?  No reason.  No. Reason.  At. All.  ::fighting back tears::)

Summa dis & dat as well...

I can't believe I got 0 pics of NutShell!!!  Ridiculous.   I'll have to take a ton on the next Annual Reido Ski Trip trip.   As far as NutShell & I went, we spent our time chatting, refilling our diet beverages, trying to remember every SYTYCD performance, looking at blogs,  chatting, eating, staying up late, watching AI, chatting, keeping the kids alive, blasting Party In the USA, barely surviving Stake Conference, and, of course, planning the next time we'll see each other (just a couple of weeks away). 

I love this annual tradition & hope it never ends.  Thanks for coming NutShell & fam... you never disappoint.


ManicMandee said...

Oh that baby looks so adorable. Babies are the best!
And if you get that crows feet remedy, send it my way. I need that myself.

Memzy said...

Hmmmm. Is somebody gonna be preggers soon? I sense dome SRS baby hunger!

Glad to see you've seen the CEC light.

eekareek said...

So you are saying that your A.I. blogs are gonna be suffering AGAIN in a couple weeks?!?!?!!?!!?

Flem said...

CEC and light do not go together in the same sentence.

And glad you were so happy--crows feet are battle scars my friend, do not lament such joy.

Carol said...

Gramma Decker always called her crowsfeet "happy lines" and is proud of them. Embrace the joy. I was gonna ask to borrow that baby to cuddle but then I remembered Becca's baby will be here soon and I can love him up all I want. Looking forward to your AI post tomorrow night.

RLN said...

Okay - mother of that adorable baby here! Are you wondering if it's a boy or girl? Sorry that she never had a bow on and that most pics are in gender neutral clothing. As you read Landee and I were much too busy with our sched that we didn't have time to doll her up! Oops! Thanks for a most fabulous trip. That annual thing ain't ever gonna end - EVER!

Markie23 said...

Did someone say Ski Trip?

Jenny ESP said...

Something about you looks different, and I don't mean those crows feet. Those have always been there. What is it? Did you cut your own bangs again? Anyways, you look gorge.

I have one of those between-the-eyes anger lines. Prolly from your lack of texting last week?

Kim said...

oh fhs those crows feet are only visible because you were in natural light with the light shining from the side accentuating every little thing. Like what happens to the moon every night. But yeah what AV said. Why are you trying to get people to feel sorry for you over something so imaginary? Try something real. Like how you will prolly pick the wrong peeps again tomorrow night. Adorable babies SM2000 and late! But I still resent them. And you. I can't help it. p.s. what's the dealio on tomorrow? We pick one girl and one guy or any two peeps? Lemme know so I can prepare to dominate properly. kthanks.