Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AI: Top 8 Girl Time Crunch

Ugh.  I hate it when there are no video intros!!  What, they couldn't sit them down and ask them their favorite ice cream flavor or something?  I hate time constraints.  All of a sudden Alzheimers started singing and we were off.  I didn't like it.  It was unsettling.

Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson

Speaking of widdle Alzy... major snoozer.  She's so unlikable but don't ask me to explain why because I don't know.  She just is.  And I know it's not her fault but the split screens with her and the backup singers were ridiculous!  They reminded me of these:

Oh my gosh, I just wanna pinch those widdle cheekers!!  Sorry to distract you with Gty's adorableness. 

House of the Rising Sun by The Animals 

Holy cow... Stands nailed it last week in her assessment of Shiobhaaan.  I had been trying to figure out who she reminded me of and I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Then Stands' comment was like a revelation from heaven:
After Molly Ringwald (who looked like a tranny at the Oscars, btw) got a hold of her for her makeover, that is.  She even has slightly crooked teeth like Ally.  So, with that settled, let's talk about this evening's performance.  Now, I don't recommend choosing your song based on sentimentality.  That never seems to pan out.  But I think Shizaham did a fab job.  I loved the acapella.  It really showed how great of a voice she really has.  I mean, her dad says it's the best voice he's ever heard and stuff. 

The Story by Brandi Carlisle

Never heard of Brandi Carlisle and have never heard the song.  That doesn't do her any favors in my book.  And then, in addition to that,  it seems like she is "doing a voice."  Like, that can't possibly be her normal singing voice.  She's cartoony.  If voting hadn't been closed by the time I watched this I wouldn't have voted for her. 

I Feel The Earth Move by Carole King

Is it or is it not the lamest member of the band who is stuck over there behind the keyboard?  Keyboards are inherently lame.  Why did she do this??  She could have easily just stood there and let the lamest member of Ricky Miner and the Band take care of the keyboarding.  And she was going for LESS CORNY??  L.E.S.S??  It musta been opposite day.  Ungood.

Double D
Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

Oh how I love DD and her guitar.  This is why I like her.  I want her to take every song and "DDfy it" (I just made that term up, spread it around.  But make sure you say it with jazz hands).  I love her hair too.  And she's gorge. Plus I always have a soft spot in my heart for any Fleetwood Mac song due to its association, in my heart, with my dear sweet Flemmy. 

Smile by Charlie Chaplin

Following DD would have been hard for most of these girls but our little resident colorer really took it to an all time low.  I blame nerves.  She couldn't get them under control and it consumed her.  Maybe she couldn't find her zoo animals coloring book before her performance?  I don't even GET this song choice either.  It's un-update-able.  The best part was as she was explaining herself to Ryan they did a cut-away shot to Simon and he was over there feeling his own pec.  You heard me, that was the best part.

Give Me One Reason by Tracy Chapman

Loved it.  She's great.  She did have another wayward dread though.  She's the best girl, talent-wise, hands down.  Her personality leaves something to be desired but that doesn't show on stage.  Her sitting down after her performance indicated that maybe her diabetes is still causing some issues.

I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline

Another pair of atrocious earrings (crocheted?).  Another week of distracting facial expressions.  I don't like my singers to look like they're in pain when they're singing.  I did not like the song choice.  I did not like the midget electric guitar.  I don't hate her tho.  Must be our Colorado bond.

Gone this week: Alzheimer's and ColorBook


Memzy said...

Agreed. But there is something about Showaban that I like. We'll see. I see the sexual tension between DD and Seacrest is growing every day. He'd like to nudge that I think.

Markie23 said...

It was one boring performance after another until diabetes girl and her rogue dreadlock. That is one of my all time favorite songs and while it wasn't nearly as good as Tracy Chapman (or an even better version I have - a TC and Eric Clapton duet) It was still SO much better than everyone else. I wasn't impressed with her guitar skilz though. It's too bad that Casey couldn't have backed her up on that one.
LilacLocks picked a dumb song, but I still liked her. The pair of earmuffs hanging from her lobes was kinda distracting.

eekareek said...

Wow. We are not seeing eye to eye Dawg. I love Kate+8...A LOT, and DD (but we agree on that), and Shebangs. The rest (including Wayward Dread) can go. Here is the night as I saw it:
Alz, boring and groovy. The split screen was a horrible idea and I think she knows who she is and we just don't like it. She is a possilbe gonerz.

Shebangs, is awesome but her song was groovy. I don't like 70's or 60's music.

Kate+8 is so stinkin' cute and I like her voice and I loved that song. Love her.

Curly Sue picked the grooviest, most saved By The Bell song ever and wore her hair like Jesse from Saved BT Bell and an outfit straight out of Lisa Turtle's closet. And do I need to remind you that Lisa Turtle played the keyboard??? She can go because I an annoyed with my BFF right now.

Double D is cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when she sings with her guitar. She should never step out without it.

Color Book, I ran to the bathroom during it and got a snack.

Dreads is boring. I picked at my nails and thought about all the things she could be doing to earn money that didn't involve being on AI. She hates "the fans" so we hate her. But I love that crazy dread that also doesn't like her and is trying to get away.

LilacLocks uh uh. Not good. Very boring. I do not like Patsy Cline. I did enjoy her pot holder earings. She does that so she won't burn her neck while straightening her hair.

Kim said...

you thought those earrings looked like potholders? I don't see it. Even tho that's exactly what I texted Tiff who told me to shup cuz she was just getting to Katelyn. Who is gonerz btw. Partridge fake keyboarding is the kiss of death. Her and Alzys are buh bye. Heart DD in so many all ways. Not a fan of the dred. She's not sick she sat down because she's ROOD.

Annie said...

I was feeling the whole "Partridge Family" thing going on with Curly Sue too. LOVE LOVE LOVE your AI posts. (That was 3 "LOVE"s...lame)

Kim said...

ps I can't stop wondering why they had Gty take off his glasses for the side ghosting shot.

Jenny ESP said...

"ColorBook"<--Burst of laughter
I find myself having little to no opinion on the girls this week, except that the whole night was a snooze fest.

What kind of snack does Eek keep in her bathroom, I wonder? Sick.

Jenny ESP said...

Oh, and I agree, Standz nailed the Shebang = Ally Sheedy in Breakfast club thing.