Friday, March 5, 2010

I Gotta Feeling...

...that tonight I'm gonna pick 3 out of the 4 who went home! This is huge cuz I never guess right.  And the one I got wrong was ChocolateCountry who I am so glad to see go that I don't even care that she botched my record.

Aw maaaaaaan.  I had such high hopes for Eric.  Alas, he did not deliver.  I hope his now disgraced parents don't disown him or anything.

Hallelujah praise be!!  He can now go home and rawks his onesie and read his bible.  I know MY prayers were answered here tonight.  Lesson: Don't diss the band.


Wow, he's so lame.  Srsly.  Memzy, you ought to be ashamed.

I've decided she's just not likable.  No one relates to her.  No one knows anything about her.  She has nothing original to offer us.  That's it and that's all.

Thith wath like an early birthday prethent (it's April 30th, btw.  Start ordering your online gifts for me now so you're not having to pay rush shipping later).  For thome reason I thought had more power than they do which is why I didn't think thee'd be gone tonight.  But I'll take it.  My cringing muthles were getting thore becauthe of her and I don't like thore muthles.

Thanks for tuning in this week.  Next Tuesday we'll see if Dreads' diabetes is under control and see if Andy is gonna pull his head out and live up to his reputation. ::crossing fingers on both accounts::


Markie23 said...
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Markie23 said...

I'd be impressed with your three out of four if the one you missed wasn't chocolate country. She's the only one I was SURE was going home. In fact I knew she was going home as soon as she announced what song she was going to sing this week.
I was pretty sure RodRick was out, but I can wait another week; both the other doodz deserved to go as well.
I have come to the solid conclusion that this is by far the WORST season of AI ever, and not just because of no Paula. This is clearly the weakest field of contestants they've ever had. I would have been happy to see 12 people cut last night and let the remaining four battle it out for Americas most mediocre singer.

Landee said...

Markie, what you said up there was crude, disgusting, borderline racist and totally unacceptable. Thank you for deleting it before I had to.

And the only reason I thought CC wouldn't be gone was because she was the vote for the worst person. VFTW can keep really bad/annoying people around for a while. It happened with Sanjaya and Tati, for example. I figured CC had at least one more week. That's all.

Carol said...

Tiffers, Once again you made UV laugh out loud. Very important. The lisping text was so funny and his shoulders were shaking with laughter. Her "good-bye" song was the most painful thing I've endured in a long time. Just aweful. I agree with Markie--not a good group of singers.

Markie23 said...

What I wouldn't give for a Tati or a Sanjaya this season. There just isn't anyone good enough or bad/annoying* enough to make this season interesting in any way.

*Kara is extraordinarily annoying, but I'm only referring to the contestants here.

Memzy said...

No way. I've got nothing to be ashamed of. I hold my head high knowing that I liked/loved him when he was GOOD. His performance last night made me squirmingly uncomfortable in the throw up kinda way. I'm surprised he wasn't wearing
Wranglers. Why? Danny Gokey WHY?!!!!!!

Flem said...

Now I am curious about Markie's comment though I am sure I would be ashamed on his behalf.

I am of course catching up because the ladies singing night was the first episode I have seen in three weeks and, well, I knew that the little cowgirl was gonna go home. You don't have to make fun of her lisp, she is a cute little girl who just wants to be a star, sheesh.

The reason people don't like AI this season is because they are overemphasizing how the show changes people's lives and most people tune in to make fun of the bad people.

We should do a podcast on this topic.

But I agreed, of course, with your summary of who was good and who was not so I am just waiting for the dental repairs phase of AI.

StandsMom said...

I am entirely pleased with the results of the voteoff. Ferhalellujah. I wasn't paying attention to Danny when I watched the first time, so I had to rewatch it to form an opinion. First, he is still cute. Second, he still has the same qualities in his voice that I loved last year. Third, I like country. BUT, that song was lamelamelame. It was TOO happy and he was TOO enthusiastic and it bugged me. I wanted him to be more laid back and tolerable.