Thursday, March 11, 2010

AI: Results...WHOA!

Let's not even talk about the fluff here (i.e. the "group number") and hop right to it.

::singing:: Keyboard killed the would-be AI star.... ::stop singing:: and the suspenders didn't help either.  A flat iron may have helped but now we'll never know.  Her performance tonight was much better without that tacky keyboard in front of her.  Sorry Curly.  We'll see you never again most likely. At least Lilly is bawling about you leaving.  Oh no...I just remembered Curly's parents are getting a divorce.  Dang.  Now I'm legitimately sad.

At least he can go cry on Fantasia's shoulder.  Although I didn't pick him to go, I'm not sad about it.  If he were to go on SYTYCD I'd so vote for him.  Is it telling that this is all I could think of to say about him?

I guess AI can only handle one Lambert??  I'm sorry Jespy and Eeka.  I really am.  I know how much he meant to you gize.  I was just beginning to adore him myself.  Maybe if he just would have moved a little when he was singing?  I don't know.  I'm baffled.  My little Jason Mraz prodigy is gone (That's  right.  Mrazy).  At least we don't have to hurt our brains coming up with the other pinch-of-an-artist that he consists of.  I liked the Rod Stewart suggestion tho.  I think Jana was on to something there.  His tears were heart-breaking.  Like a little kid I wanted to scoop up in my arms, smooth his mullet down and tell him everything was gonna be OK even though I know his career is over.  I'm a good liar.

Whaaaaaat???  Admittedly this last week was not her best but kicked off over ColorBook and Alzheimers???????  Are you kidding me?  She was my last Coloradoan to cheer for too.  Chocolate Country let me down and now Lilith.  Did you see her face when Alz got in over her?  She was mad.  "I don't know what America wants!"  Well, I guess not you? I didn't like her attitude.  Maybe I'll go downtown, look for her on the street corners and throw money in her mandolin case.  Or maybe just some coupons.

Other noteworthy items:
  • Dreads' attitude stinks.  She didn't smile ONCE during the entire show.  Acted like a total brat.  Is that a side effect of diabetes?  If not, I hate her.    
  •  Also, LOVED the number with Blindy and Matt!  It made me smile.  Way good.  And did Matt get that thing taken off his forehead?
  • I think this is the worst Top 12 ever.

So, here are the scores so far.  4 points possible.

Landee: 0 (shoulda started this last week!)
Kimi: 2 (painful to write that but at least Andy is still here, which was my main argument)
Memz: 1
Markie: 1
Jespy: 1
Annie: 1
Stands: 1
HotPants: 2
SolidGold: 0
KBP: 1
Eeka: 2

I may throw out these scores and start it for realzies next week with the top 12.  You know, so others can join in.  ::ahem::    I'm willing to sacrifice because I'm a HUGE giver and philanthropist.  <---common knowledge.


Kim said...

You only wanna clear the score cuz you are a LaHOOOzzaaaaHEEEEEERRRRR. NEXT! Srsly Crystal made me yell at the TV again. SO rude! when Rye said she made it she was like "yeah I know". And Lilly had every right to be all "OH SNAP FACE" mad! I think the whole WORLD thought Alzies was gonzoes! Especially Alzies! Just goes to show you. Twitter followers are not the target market that votes. Thanks for doing the data research on that. Btw. You were more concerned about Mullet. Lies online are wrong. just like you are. super WRONG! What do me and Hotpants and Eek get to share? We would probably accept a Carls Jr. gift cert. Just tryin to make this easier for you. srsly. take notes this week. It helps for realz.

Jana said...

What the! I am so shocked by Mullet and Lily! They were two of the best ones. Srsly. Boooooo!!
I'm so glad you heard the Rod Stewart likeness, he even had the mullet to match. So unfortunate. He shoulda sang Have I Told You Lately...that I Love you.

I totally missed the prediction contest. I was totally gonna say Todrick, Mullet, CurlySue and Lily so you can just give me 4 points.

I'll jump in next week.

Hot Pants said...

The problem with Lilly was looking at her. Way groovy. You know if she ever wore jeans they would totally be mom jeans. She was a way better singer, but America just can't get past the grooviness. Maybe they had the same problem with mullet. I loved his grooviness though. His poor red stained eyes, too sad.
On a happier note, 2 points for Gryffendor...I mean HotPants!!!

Memzy said...

1. Who are you michaelangelo? Glad you came!

2. ::sobbing and weeping onnacuzza mullet::

michelangelo said...

i knew landee way back in junior high/high school. we probably fought over the same guy sometimes. now i see it wasn't worth it. she's way funnier and smarter than any guy we knew back then.

not to brag, but i really woulda had 3 if i'd known all the nicknames or any of the girls (i never get to see tuesday night's show cuz o my travel schedule for work). what i'm trying to say is that i thought colorbook was the girl with the purple/gray/silver hair (you know, lilly).

enough from the interloper. thanks for letting me vote.

solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

What a sad event we witnessed! Curly, Mullet and Lily were some of my favorites. I am with you on the whole Dread's stinky attitude thing. I kinda thought she might just walk off the stage.
Check out this article:,,20312226_20351110_4,00.html
The "memo's" are hilarious!

Markie23 said...

I so wish I could have seen all the texts that I'm certain were flying wildly back and forth during the show last night.

I won't miss anyone that was voted off last night. I guess that would be true of any four voted off. Have I mentioned that this season sucks? I'm just surprised at the order they are getting voted off in. Something scwewy is going on awound here.

::head nodding at the attitude comments::

eekareek said...

I have never liked Wayward Dread. I always thought she was rude and snotty.
I probably cried for two hours last night when Mullet left. It was worse than the Sanjaya fan. He was so stinkin' good. He had a great voice and was all dorky and cute. LOVED HIM! By far my favoritest on the show. I would have gladly given up Double D, Shebangs, Andy, Lucky Duck to keep him on the show. I am thinking about starting a fan club for him to cheer him up. You could tell all the other contestants loved him too. I don't think a single tear will shed if Wayward dread goes.

And what is up with everyone saying this season sucks?!?!?! I totally disagree. We have a lot of really good contestants left. Sure Alz, dreads and Coloring Book suck and so does Arch 2.0 but the rest are good! Everyone is just comparing everybody to Straight Up.

Annie said...

I wanted Mullet to cry on MY shoulder. I'm totally bummed today.

I'm ok if you want to start for realz next week.

StandsMom said...

Now hold on just a darn minute!!! I have watched her accepting the 'news' in last night's show several times now. She was not cocky or rude or anything!!! That chic was upset and freaked out about the whole thing. I don't see ANY attitude coming from her, other than she's out of her element and she was stressed about the top twelve results. Besides the fact that she has talent seeping out of her pores. I will fight to the death that Dreads is AWE.SOME!!!!!
Frankly, I'm disgusted. Deeeesgusted. Dreads ROCKS!!!!!!!

Likewise...Mullet SUCKED! He's a little weenie who could sing a could song at the FFA county fair after his ewes won a blue ribbon. But that dood sang a song about being saved by a woman. The kid musta been singin' about his mom cause he ain't never had any contact with any woman but his momma. BuhBye Mr. Mullet man. Get a freakin' hair cut!!!

Markie23 said...

Tell us how you really feel Stands!

eekareek said...

Mullet needs a haircut???!!!?!?! Dreads needs a hair brush, shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, hair cut, crest white strips, some more teeth, an attitude adjustment, and a proper definition on "cool".

I miss you, Mullet. :(

Kim said...

Stands scares me. She hits below the belt. Talk about a mutton buster. ::: whispers to Sara agreeing about dreds avoiding eye contact with Stands :::

Jenny ESP said...

"smooth his mullet down..."<--made me smile through my tears. I hate this season. It's the worst ever. I have no reason to watch now that mullet is gone.

Landee said...

Michelangelo, we fought over the same boys?? Name names. I wanna know who you liked, I'll name who I liked and we can compare notes. And you don't have a DVR? Travel schedules should never interfere with AI watching.

And Stands...whoa! This is even more shocking than the results show itself. What the? I thought we were like this ::crossing fingers together and holding them up dramatically:: on who we liked here. You've shocked me. LillithFair did act like a B when she didn't make it over Alzy but I can see how you didn't see it. You choose to see the good in others. You read it at bewildered and confused. I know better so trust me on this one.

StandsMom said...

You know, I just love dreads and my hackles go up when I read y'all doggin' on her. It's not much my personality to freak out like that, so now I have to apologize and be all embarrassed and stuff. Even tho my opinion still stands. Stands!! Hahahahahaaaa! That's who I was commenting on the whole time. I don't really care about Lillithwhateverhername is. Glad she's gone tho. She was strange.