Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Votes So Far, Get 'em In People!

Me: Coloring Paige
Stands: ColoringPaige 
Flem: LuckyDuck (she just called it in)
Jespy: Andy Garcia
Kimi: Alzies
Jana: Kate+8
Anna: Kate+8
HotPants: Kate+8
Michelangelo: Kate+8
Uncle Markie: LuckyDuck
SolidGold: ColoringPaige
RoddTodd: Andy Garcia
Eeka: Kate+8
Memzy: Alzies (but voted while doped up on Vicodin.  Noted.)

Oooooh, I'm seeing some gutsy picks this week!  Guts. Y.  I'm surprised I'm the only one going with ColoringPaige.  I'll just assume you all loved the jumpshorts.  Good to know.

Um, where are the rest of you?  I'm waiting.....

PS Saw the real Kate+8 during an unfortunate TV tuning incident at the gym this morning where it was either watch The View or SportsCenter.  Her hair is way longer now.  Lacey may need a new nickname.  Like Sucky+10 or something.


solidgold (a.k.a. our family) said...

I'm on the fence as my confidence in choosing has been shot by last week. But if I was a bettin' woman....which you know I am....I'm going with....Paige. Cuz I don't even remember her performance.
But I don't like Dreads' personality as much as you can't stand Kateplus8. So there ya go.

eekareek said...

I am going to have to agree with....::dramatic pause just like Simon does right before he gives his opinion::....Solidgold.

Kim said...

are you being srs about the real Kate plus 8? She ran right out and got hair extensions when things started getting dicey/aka she figured out noone feels very sorry for her. She's gonna have to go in every 4 weeks and have those stupid things maintained. She's not ethnic fhs... how about growing your hair out that 4 lame inches? She buuuuuuuugs. p.s. I was gonna say something about the sympathy vote thing (and RodTodd didn't vote for her onacuzza that alone) but I honestly don't think it will matter. Either people love her or hate her. And I don't love her. It's a valid choice. But if you get it wrong I'll be very happy. I didn't want there to be any misunderstanding there. p.s.s. I'm too lazies to get a blog and then be all checkin mine and then yours and I know you'd talk about stuff we were talkin about on yours on mine and noone would know what was going on and be all "I don't get you guys you have your own language...half the time I'm not sure you are using real the way (said all out like that not like bee tee dub ya) what does fhs mean?" and it would just be a bother. You understand.

Flem said...

Who doesn't like dreads? Wow. Does she ever say anything to dislike? This is classism.

Please note that both UncleMarkie and I have excellent taste.