Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All Because Two People Fell In Heart

That's right.  You know what this classy rings pic over a Chili's table means....RT and Kimbo tied the proverbial knot yesterday (March 8, 2010) sometime between 12:30 and 3:00pm.  I wasn't invited but I did get a personal phone call from the happy couple with the glorious news (that is more than my brothers got, believeachoome) before the ceremony.    I was asked to be the eMaid of Honor (::single tear::) so I thought I'd do my eDuty and spread the fantastic word. 

Here is the picture of the happy couple at their wedding luncheon at Chilis...in their wedding clothes (picture taken by the waiter).  Weren't they worried they'd get some Southwest Eggroll on their fancy duds??  They take chances.  I like it.

I just saw that zipper sweater RT is wearing in the latest issues of Martha Stewart Weddings.  Promise.

Here are my parents (the only invited guests) signing the witness papers saying they saw the blessed event with their own eyes.  Through their old people glasses, of course. ::winky guy at my parents in case they read this::

Said witnesses report that the groom said "it's about time" when putting the ginorm ring on the bride's finger.  And they couldn't remember what the bride said exactly but noted that she did call him "punkin."  ::gagging::

As soon as more pictures are posted on FB I'll be sure to gank them and post them here as I have already done.  My dad says he took "seven pictures" so you can expect that at least.

Congratulations to the happy couple!!  

I just gained a brother-in-law, 4 nephews, and 1 niece.  My parents just went from 19 grand kids to 24!  There go my dreams of contributing #20 to the group.  Ah well, all is forgiven cuz I also just gained at least one year of not having to worry about my favorite sister ever!!  ::I would put a winky guy here but she never reads this anyway::

PS In other equally as important news, I cannot get Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA off repeat.  I'm ubsest.  It's a disease.  Yet I don't wanna be cured. ::nodding my head like yeah::


Kim said...

Awwww. I have to comment quick and thank you for this touching e-maid of honor post cuz on our dream honeymoon we are driving between Boise and Caldwell and the reception is spotty cuz RT drives fast!

Jenny ESP said...

Sigh. Congrats to Kimmy and Roddy! Strip away all the usual wedding bells and whistles, and you're left with a truly romantic day at Chilli's. Can't wait to see those other seven pictures. And tell Kimmy she has nice hands, K?

Kim said...

btw yw for getting hitched on Monday so as not to interfere with your Idol performance posts.

Hot Pants said...

If she had waited until Wednesday we could have done a double celebratory luncheon at Carl's Jr. Did RT smear the Chili's molten lava chocolate cake on her face? I hope that's in one of the seven. Kimmie's totally in our secret group of married only now! Whooohoooo!!

eekareek said...

Did you just copy/paste those pictures off her FB page??? Thanks Kimmy for not letting the wedding interfere with A.I. I think we all appreciate it. Of course you could have gotten married on a Saturday and it wouldn't have interfered but I like that you think outside the box.

Memzy said...

I am so jealous! I always wanted my reception to be at chilis!!

I can't believe you are just NOW becoming obsessed with that song. I FB'd about that, like, months ago! I'm obviously up on the pop/teen/Disney culture. I'm So Raven!

Landee said...

::doing a slow clap for Memzy while simultaneously rolling my eyes::

Bravo. Next time I come across a sweet song like Breakeven I won't be sharing it with you so then when you discover it later I can be all like "What? You're just NOW loving that song? Duh, you're stupid."

Hey Kim, Jespy has a crush on your hands. I think it's your long nail beds or something.

Memzy said...

Yay! I LOVE slow claps!! Was it a regular slow or one of those ascending kinds that slowly get faster?

Ps. You toadally made fun on my fb back then do I figgered you hated that song. Simple logic.

Kim said...

I thought it was Darcis blog we made fun of her posting that on. ::: movin my hips like... I forget :::

ManicMandee said...

Her wedding sounds pretty darn fun to me. Seriously.

Congrats to Kim!

Carol said...

Congrats to Kimmy and super hubby. Hoping to meet him IRL at the reunion. Very happy for you. AV

Kim said...

Thanks you guys!! :) We are so happy. Aunt V he is so excited to meet you and Uncle V it's just almost annoying. He might make you listen to all his opinions about all the girls on the Bachelor tho. Just a warning. We are DEF going to the Reoon! And I was jay kaying about not wanting Tiffers in the block exchange. I was just trying to relieve her guilt.