Thursday, March 18, 2010

AI: surprise

Well, no surprise to most of you gize anyway.  Why do I stink so much at picking the losers?  I think it's because I like to see the good in others.  I just can't see the flaws that America seems to dwell on, I guess.  I'm just glad Kim's pick wasn't even in the bottom three.  So that's a suckier pick than mine.

Other results show notes:
  • Still love David Cook.  But even he couldn't make The Stones sound good.  And he's doing the mullet wrong.
  • Two thumbs down on the Ford commersh.  And the designing your own Ford?  Lame.  If that is possible someone is gonna put an octopus on their hood or something.
  • Orianthi:  No thanks.  She's like Taylor Swift with glam rock guitar riffs.  Dumb, dumb song.  And she didn't even use the stage.  I've heard that's what you gotta do.
  • Ke$ha:  Thank goodness she changed the lyrics to that song.  It is soooo nasty.  But she was awkward and terrible live.  What was with the Indian headdress?  I didn't get it.  Ghastly.  I will still continue to love her tunes tho.  I'll just block this performance out of my mind.
  • SOOOOO glad they are still doing the "Judges' Save!!!"  As I've said before, I love the "Oh, America hates you.  You're gone" then they sing with hope still in their heart while the judges fake deliberate at the table.  Then the 2nd slap in the face of the night: "We won't be saving you."  Brilliant. 

Congrats to  Jana, Anna, HotPants, Michelangelo, Eeka,  and cog (?).  You've each been awarded one Landee Point, or LP. 

I think next week we'll tweek it a little.  You guess the bottom three (at 1 LP each) and then the one ultimately kicked off (for 3 LPs).  I had forgotten about the whole bottom three bit and one point per week is stupid and we all know it. 

Mkay?  So set your DVRs for next week and put on your thinking caps.  6 points possible!!


Memzy said...

Yet another point for "don't do drugs" dontcha think?

Anna B said...

I can't tell you how happy I was that I guessed the right vote off last night and all on account of you Landee:)

Kim said...

I too, while was upset that I didn't "win" any LPs...was for realz giddy that you didn't either. And you know Alzies SHOULD have been in the bottom 3. It's not like I picked Big Mike er sumpthin. I was srsly just about to ask someone/RT if they/he had heard anything about the "save" thing this year when BAM there it was. And not only are we NOT going to save you.. it was UNANIMOUS! And then we talked about the Bachelor while you sang. I like the new points system tho. Still think you are a doodoohead for not counting last week tho. Please don't forget that. The headdress was REEEDICK! What the? I so wished they coulda judged her. She's a GaGa wannabe in the bad way.

Jenny ESP said...

Can I have my point back now?

And I second all that stuff Kimmy said about the bachelor and Ke$ha, who was a nervous wreck and bombed big time.

eekareek said...

Ditto to what everyone else said. And also IN YOUR FACE, LANDEE!!!!

michelangelo said...

You can call me mikey.

cog said...
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