Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is That A Threat or a Promise?

I've seen your posts, you gize.

I've seen where your child writes you a tender little note as an apology for their behavior or just to tell you what a good mom you are.  Or maybe a picture of something you've done for them that they appreciated.

Yes.  I've seen them.

But what do I get?  This:

Allow me to write this out for you:

Dear Mom,
Sens you didn't give me seareel I'm not comeing.  I am not going to touch the carpet for the rest of the night unless you give me mini mini weats withe the milke.

That's from TBone, as if I needed to tell you that.

Some points of interest here:
  • He had a bad attitude about the mahi mahi I had made for dinner.  He claimed he "hated fish it's the worst thing on earth blahblahblah."  So I gave him a half of a piece which he proceeded to practically inhale but his pride wouldn't allow him to ask for more.  Cuz that would then expose him for the fish lover that he is, see?  So he ate that, his green beans and then was done.
  • As he was bemoaning the menu for the evening he also mentioned that he was FULL due to his having eaten a piece of cold pizza out of the fridge around 3:30p and that he didn't need dinner to begin with.
  • Then 7:30ish rolls around and I see him getting in the cupboard to make himself a bowl of cereal.  Um no.  You said you were "full" complained about what I made for dinner so forget it, I said.
  • He then goes up stairs in a huff and comes back down 20 minutes later and hands me this ransom note.
Questions I have:
  • Why would I care if he touched the carpet for the rest of the night?  This would keep him out of the family room where I was trying to catch up on my shows anyway.
  • Am I crazy or should his spelling be better?  He's closing in on the end of 2nd grade here people. Teachers or anyone with experience let me know if I should make a call to Sylvan.
  • Is it bad that I found this hilarious and then let him make himself some cereal?  Crap.


ManicMandee said...

If my kids wrote me a note threatening to stay away I would celebrating that most nights. By the time dinner is over, I go from nice mom to mom that needs to not see or hear a child for approximately 9 hours.
This was just too funny. And that spelling is probably better than my 3rd grader. So here's hoping that nobody recommends tutoring for your 2nd grader, cuz that would mean my 3rd grader is screwed.

eekareek said...

I think it is a promise. I LOVE that kid! LOVE HIM! Ever since "the snuggie" incident, I have thought he was the greatest kid ever and this note proves me correct.

jtibs said...

I think his spelling is fine for second grade. Some of my fifth graders are worse than this-he got all the major sight words right and he'll figure out how to add the endings the right way soon enough.

Memzy said...

You let him have it? Oh lollerz. You are usually the queen of follow through! Tbone is hilar tho and would get away with any/everything at my house.

Anonymous said...

He spelled "Mom" correctly - be happy with that.

"Touch the carpet" must be today's "darken your door."

Giving him the seereal was your atonement for making him eat the nasty fish you served for dinner. You're forgiven.

Princess Kimi said...

Chillax about the spelling. I was going through some old stuff for no reason of G's and his second grade material is barely "sight" words. And he went on to be gifted in the creative writing arena. Published a poem and stuff. T-bone is awes for not letting this go. The note is his ginormous PS to you. What was the voicemail he left Gty about all this btw?

Carol said...

So funny. I'd love to hang out with that kid anytime. The fact that you GAVE him the cereal is an indication of "normal" parenting. Pick your battles--this ain't one of them.

Landee said...

Thank YOU, AV. I agree. Plus, more than being the Queen of Follow Through I'm the Princess of Rewarding for Good Behavior. I reward humor. Ask Gty. He knows how to turn my angry face into a smile better than anyone. Tbone handed the note to me with a smile on his face, knowing the snarkiness it contained. I had to send the "keep it comin" message.

Jenny ESP said...

Omg, do we have the same favorite seereal? Frosted Mini Wheats? Fish is gross, I can't believe you tortured him with it. Me and T are kindred spirits.