Thursday, March 25, 2010

AI: Results show based on logic and facts! by Kimi again

Okay kiddies.  Apparently Landee feels you can not possibly figure out who was in the bottom three and who got sent home without reading this blog.   She is continuing to enjoy her in person relationship with her family… instead of watching the results show and then blogging about it for us.  I question her priorities but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in group it’s that she’s got issues.    

First, if I remember correctly, I believe I need to mock the Ford commercial.  I don’t even get it.  And is it just me or have the commercials gotten progressively more not sense making?  A fountain ball pit?   Texting each other?  It was more of a phone commercial than a car commercial IMHO.  Plus I got excited when they left Andy at the fountain/ball pit.  Like it was foreshadowing or something awesome like that.  Which woulda meant I was right. Which might finally have meant the end of hearing about how he will forever pale in comparison to what he accidentally did once upon a time. 

Okay now just by how they are sitting you can start to see a pattern here people.  The single people they call up first are safe.  If they ask the judges what that single person should do “should they stay on”… that means they are SUPER safe.  When the whole row is working toward you and the other guy that suck…. It’s probably not good news.  Especially if the only thing sitting between you and the single person they are coaching about what to do next week are Crystal and Big Mike.    So, yeah, the elimination thinkers need to mix it up.  Just like have 3 people stand up together at first and go “you guys are the bottom three”.  Fun?  Totally fun.

Other things I didn’t like:  The Siobhanzies.  Ew.  And her boss.  Way ew.   Oh and Miley’s teeth still.

I do like that this year they let the gong-getter select their own swan song from all the songs they have sung in the competition to date.  I always hated having to hear the exact same sucky song from the night before so kudos for that changeup.  But do you think they ask EACH contestant “IF you are the one that gets sent home tonight… what song will you be choosing so we can let the band know?”   Cuz if that’s the case.. I bet the person who hears the song they pick being practiced by the band all day doesn’t think they are going to get any coaching on what to bring to the table next week.  

Anyway… so… I don’t feel right about this sans her big red ghost buster type slash/circles over their faces…  drumroll tho plz:

First dumpuses sent to the chairs of shame:  Tim and Paige

Next and final nailbiter announcement dumpus…. : Alzies  (this is the exact moment I realized that Andy would probably not be going home tonite….and that cost me like 4 apathy started to kick in just fyi)

Then who do they send back to safety right away?  ALZIES!!!!  (I hope someone texted her Dad across the street at the bar so he could buy a round in celebration…srsly..WHAT????  He’s going to end up in group someday.  Mark. My. Words.)

And who is the biggest LOOZER that got sent packin?   COLORBOOK!!!!!!  (Imagine that!  Landee picks her 4 weeks in a row and she was RIGHT this time!  She’s truly prophetic….in a delayed reaction sorta way)

All in all it’s been really fun being the guest know-it-all.    I hope you are able to read at a 4th grade level because if not you missed out on some logic and facts only available here.   For a limited time.  Free!  Unless you bought a Hunger Games message tee from her while you read along.   Either way it’s a bargain.

P.S. Landee will have your totals for you when she gets back.  You get one point for every right bottom 3 pick and 3 points if you picked the correct loser that got sent home. * If you can’t add up how many points you scored yourself then put yourself down for scoring negative 2.  

*roolz subject to change at any time without notice as you are fully aware.  Especially aware are us well meaning sweetpeas that got skrizzed outta those points we hardly mention.

K, it's Landee here.  Kim isn't so good at the mathematics so I totaled up the scores.  I was anxious to do so cuz SOMEBODY got 100%.  ::fist bumping Sara:: So did SOMEBODY ELSE. ::fist bumping Flem but giving her a look cuz her guesses were as clear as the water she drinks there in Cali:: Oh, and so did the last SOMEBODY ::fist bumping myself::  Totals are in these things ( ).

Kimi: 2 (2)
Mikey: 2 (3)
Flem: 6 (6)
Markie: 5 (5)
Memzy: 5 (5)
Cog: 5 (6)
Anna: 5 (6)
AV: 2 (only cuz she named her bottom three and then said "all must go" in a throw-out-the-rules kind of way) (2)
Jespy: 5 (5)
Eeka: 6 (7)
Stands: 5 (5)
HotPantaloons: 2 (LEE?) (3)
Landee: 6 (6)
Jana: 5 (6)

It's too bad some of you can't use those points from the first week.  You could reeeeally use them right about now.


eekareek said...

Yes! I am winning. In your faces!

michelangelo said...

will there be a prize for last place? for non-relatives?

Markie23 said...

So glad they didn't pretend to debate over coloring book.
So sad that Miley's weave didn't start falling out on the stage with all that head shakin.
So glad that eekareek doesn't have a competitive bone in her body.

Oh, and did you see Ryan kiss Ellen on the lips the other night? Ewww.

eekareek said...

Ryan only kissed Ellen to make Simon jealous. They said so on TMZ.

Memzy said...

"She’s truly prophetic….in a delayed reaction sorta way)"

^^ good one KimiP. Good one.

I'm totally tied for second with like lotsa other people!!

Kimi Positive said...

I'm like the frog half way down the cranes mouth and still choking him. NEVAH GIVE UP! Plus..we are I'm pretty sure either me, Memz or AV will end up winning. If there's any justice in this cold blogger world that is.

Hot Pants said...

I took a chance. I figured why not, it's not like this is a legitimate contest. I didn't realize you could put multiple guesses for who's going home and get full points if one of your guesses was right.

Jenny ESP said...

Memz, we're tied for THIRD, miss mathematician. Congrats to the winners.<--said snidely

Landee said...

I don't know why I ever try and do anything fun with you kids.

michelangelo said...

technically speaking, those of you with 5 total points are tied for 7th place. just sayin.

yes, i know, i am at the bottom.

Flem said...

Why am I not in first? How do you get 7 points?

Carol said...

I totally meant to say Paige was going home. I know I can't get those points after the fact---just letting you know I was correct in my assessment of NO TALENT. I'll be better next week. I can still win this thing. I know I can.

Princess Kimi said...

Either you or me is the dark horse AV. I hope it's me! but i won't be super mad if it's you.

Princess Kimi said...

oh my how dare you! You can't come say "new post plz" to me when I have

A: posted since you posted

& super more important


I'm reporting you.