Thursday, March 11, 2010

AI: Top 8 Male Specimens

  • I hate you.
  • You say dumb things.
  • I'm gonna start ffwding your comments because they mean nothing and are usually dead wrong.
  • You didn't invent cardigans.
"Fireflies" by Owl City

Huh.  I was so not expecting that song choice.  Were you?  Did you see that coming?  Liar.  I liked it.  It was very cool to hear that song stripped down to its undies and holding a guitar.  I enjoy Lee's voice and, c'mon, we gotta have at least one rocker in the bunch.  I didn't vote for him due to timing issues but I hope somebody out there did.

"Trouble" by Ray LaMontange

I actually went back after the show was over and listened to this one again.  I wanted to hear this mushy-not-yet-cocky banana one more time.  I've decided he's Jason Mraz + John Mayer with a pinch of Neil Young.  There's maybe a 1/4 cup of something else in there too but I can't figure it out.  It's probably someone with dimples.  I think he could definitely stand to loosen up a bit though.  The only time he moves is to shift his weight a little.  Oh wait, and one little foot stomp on the beat.  Maybe next week he'll bend his knees a little?  And yes, I'm predicting there will be a next week for this kid.

"Hallelujah" the Jeff Buckley version

::handing him MOST IMPROVED award::  Where did this come from?  I mean srsly!  After the train wreck that was "Apologize" and last week's "Higher" fiasco this was amazing!  I'm now back to hoping he's Mormon.  Ellen's hug was cute but I bet she got a talking to afterward...that took time they just didn't have due to that lame dramatic intro at the beginning of the show so Ryan could get his closeup.  The question now is, did he do enough to get the votes?  We'll see I guess.

"Genie In A Bottle" by Christina Aguilera

Here is where I wanted to punch the judges in the face.  If I were Andy, next week I'd sing Adam Lambert's "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" cuz freakin A!  They need to never mention his performance of Straight Up ever again.  This was a great performance, fun, he "made it his own," etc etc etc and they cannot freaking get over Straight Up!  Not that I'm worried he won't make it to the top 12 or anything but I'm sick of hearing the same thing come out of their mouths every week.  Shutty already.

"You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban

Ugh.  I have nothing to say here.  I hate country.  Thus I had difficulty separating my distaste for the genre from the actual performance.  I just hope this isn't where his heart is.  I can handle bluesy, but not Keith Urban.   Plzthanks note that Kara never got off "the Casey train."  She's so full of it.

"I'm Already There" by Lonestar

DOUBLE UGH!  Now it's country and it's TERRIBLE.  I had to busy myself with other things during this it was so hideous.  He was ghastly.   Kara's comment was really dumb tho and I totally agreed with Simon.  Does everybody have to have experienced everything mentioned in their songs?  I was glad Simon called her on it but disappointed in how easy he went on Archy.  I was waiting for him to say "Kara's comment is rubbish but even so, that was abysmal with a capital A."  Who is voting for this kid?  I want names and email addresses.

"Somebody to Love" by Queen

I thought it was good.  Just good.  He's a bit cheesy and showy for my taste.  You know, lots of hands outstretched towards the camera and walking around the stage so much I feel like he should be dizzy.  I don't know.  I'm still waiting before I decide if I should love or hate this guy.  Our relationship is very volatile right now.   I don't know if he made it up or his "fans" did but they are calling themselves "Toddyrockers."  He may have just slipped to hate.

Big Mike
"This Woman's Work" by Maxwell

Tyce Diorio has forever associated this song with breast cancer for me.  I gotta say, I was worried about Mikey.  There are some crazy high notes all up in there!  But he was great.  Really great.  I wasn't bawling like Kara or anything but it did make me pause and say "Wow" to myself.  I knew Mike was good before this but now I think he could sing the phone book and it'd be good.  <--had to say it.  Would I buy his album?  Dunno.  Doubt it.  Will I continue to like him on AI?  Yes.   At least for now.

Predictions:  This is tough this week, but I'll go with buh-bye to Archy2.0 and LuckyDuck-- I just don't know if he can gain as many fans as he needs with one performance.  I don't enjoy picking him though, just know that. 


StandsMom said...

I'm not going to get into each guy, but...some important notes; The lyrics to Genie in a Bottle sung by a guy sound Gross. Gross!

Casey was very very natural, real, honest. As I texted last night, it was nice to see him being himself and not so much 'Iwannabeastar.' And forgosh if that dood doesn't look adoredible with his hair pulled back. For two or three seasons Simon was so anti-country that he couldn't even see past that enough to hear the singing. Please tell me you aren't that stubborn. I won't criticize you for disliking country, but it isn't bad. Sides, Keith Urban is hotty too. I think Ubertalented Carrie cured Simon of his country hate. He prob still doesn't buy it or listen to it in his free time - but at least he doesn't hang every contestant who sings a country song simply because it was a country song.

I've never really understood that song Big Mike sang, so I was a little surprised that Ckara was crying and then I had to rewind and listen to it again. He did a fantastic job. I think he had a 'moment.'

Markie23 said...

Well, first off guy night this week was WAY better than girl night. I was actually entertained last night instead of bored to death. Archy2.0 is the sure bet to go and Big Mike is the sure bet to stay. Everyone else was just a'ight, including Andy who gave his best performance since (I gotta say it) Straight Up, but I gotta agree with Mother of Stand... gross.
The person I want to see gone the most (besides Kara) is RodToddRick, but I am afraid that like Simon said, he may have saved himself with that song. Dang.

Memzy said...

::chanting:: Mullet! Mullet! Mullet!

I agree with everything but Big Mike's song. He sang it well and all man should EVER sing that song. I won't accept it.

Kim said...

oh fhs. who ARE you and what show are YOU watching? Except the Randy part. " was aight for me..eeeeuuhhh" :: deleted :: Heart Flemsta. Heart heart that song. He wins. So I take that back I agree on two things. Mullet IS in "Trouble". That you rewatched that makes me sad for you and Beebs if she had to endure it also. Your magic 8 ball needs a tuneup. LuckyDuck made me happy inside. That song is gorge and he- looking like Brent Corrigan (google it...especially you Markie) is the only one I rewatched. And voted for. FYI vote even tho it's past the time fhs. It's still early in Cali and they don't really shut er down till like way late. Andy...oh well I geuss I agree again so maybe I'm just unagreeing with who you think is gone so I'm overreacting.. more time with mentioning str8 up and I will throw my spiral notebook at the TV. But I want him to Andyfy every single lame chick song now. Casey..dang..shockface again.. I agree about KaraIdgit faking stepping of the Casey tamale train. But I disagree about the performance. As a country lover trustchoome. It was awes. Plus he's hawt. So that's mostly what matters. Archie 2 can sing. But he does nothing for me. He'll be fine without the show so he can go home now even tho he won't this week. Toddrick still makes me mad about stealing money from babies. And his zipper sweater made me itchy. Mom loves him fyi. It's the broadway thing I think. Big Mike has a great voice but does NOTHING for me. I'm starting to think I just can't get on board with the obviously talented ones. Kara crying made me dislike him a little. And that's not fair. But yeah, I think Alex and Andy are gonna be singing their swan songs tonite. I think you should start taking notes so you can remember who is bad.

Kim said...

::: waits unpatiently for you to finish your lunch and type some rebuttle that you are doing wrong because it's not based on facts OR logic :::

Jenny ESP said...

Yes, yes Stands! When a guy sings "rub me the right way", he needs to get slapped. I was cringin'.

The guys were way better than the girls this week, much more entertaining, way better song choices.

Kimmy is super wrong about Alex/Mullet. She needs to check her spiral notebook notes. Landee wins that arguement, Mullet's not going anywhere. But Kimmy's right about Timmy. Everybody loves a comeback kid.

Now, about your constant Jason Mraz comparisons... what is it with him? You crushin' or what? Everybody is always "a Jason Mraz" type. It must stop! Let's compare Mullet to JT instead. K? K!

And... Maxwell??? You just made Kate Bush roll over in her grave! Srsly, look up Kate Bush on iTunes. It's her song. Childbirth. It sounds a million times better, and more tear-jerky.

Otherwise, another spot-on assessment, Mrs. Landerson. Bravo.
::non-sarcastic slow clap::

Jana said...

The other 25% for Mullet is Rod Stewart. I know, I know. But think about it next time you listen to him. I'm dead on.

eekareek said...

I love Rod Stewart. "Iiiiif you want my body aaaaand you think I'm sexy...".

Okay, I will settle the argument here. No boy OR girl should say "you gotta rub me the right way". That is why the Disney channel made Christina change the lyrics to "you gotta TREAT me the right way" or "you gotta LIKE me the right way". Even Disney was like "Whoa...nobody should be singing that". So, don't shoot the messenger (which is Andy).

I LOVE Flem, Mullet, Lucky Duck, Casey, Andy, and Big Mike. So the only people who can go and I would still be happy are Toddyrocker and Archey 2.0. I also can not stand KARA or RANDY. Fire them somebody!