Wednesday, March 3, 2010

AI: Top 10 Doods

My awesome SIL here visiting so I'm going to be quick and I'm not gonna make this fancy.  And by "fancy" I mean complete sentences and with the songs they sang all centered and in italics.

BigMike- He can bench 505?  He went to a performance high school?  He pouts his lips out when he sings?  He chose a lame song?  Yes to all.  But he was fine.  I didn't hate him.  Definitely the best of the night so far.  The standing ovation by Randy was a bit dramatic but no one listens to him anyway.

Eric- I'm super surprised the judges didn't like this more.  It seems like he did everything they asked of him.  Ah well.  I don't care if he sticks around anyway.  He seems 40 years old to me.  Side notes:  I bet Purple Haze would have kicked Nota's butt on The Sing Off.  Also, TBone can count to 10 in Korean. 

Casey- He's never watched AI?  Booooo.  He didn't have a TV growing up?  Boooooooooo!  He looks in a mysterious box before his performances?  Wha?  So, obviously Casey and I would have very little to talk about if we were to, say, go out to dinner or something.  I mean how many times can I hear that story about his motorcycle accident that almost made it so he could never play the guitar again?  Speaking of his guitar, waaaaaay too much tonight.  Speaking of too much, Kara laid on the criticism a little thick.  I think she was trying to put the kibosh on her reputation for lusting after poor Casey.  It seemed like a pre-planned act to me.  I give her two thumbs down even though I agree that this wasn't his best night.

Mullet-  Wow.  I have really turned a corner with this kid.  So adorable!!  I loved his voice tonight.  He's much better with a guitar to shield him from this cruel world.   I want to protect him with some kind of invisible net thingy that I can cast out around people at my leisure.  I also love how humble he is.  He's just a kid.  And those dimples?  C'mon.

Tondrick- He has good teeth.  He has zero talent in choosing songs.  I've discovered the problem though...he explains too much in his little video thingy before he sings.  He was all "I'm gonna change up the song, but not tooooo much where you don't recognize it, but enough that the judges will say I made in my own, but I'm not gonna go crazy, blahblahblah..."  JUST SING IT and let us decide if you butchered it!  PS You butchered it.  I can't wait to see you on SYTYCD.

DBag- He rocks his onesie and steam masks his face.  How is this the first time I'm picking up a gay vibe from him?  Has it always been there and I've missed it?  Is it the afro-fauxhawk that's throwing me in that direction?   I don't know.  I was caught off guard.  As I've said before, the boy can sing.  I would NEVER buy his album tho. Ever.

Andy- Ooooooooh, he breakdances!!!!  Does that make him a B-boy?  I loves me some B-boys.  I will say, that for tonight's performance I missed his guitar.  I really did.  This was by far his worst performance for me.  I totally agree with the judges.  Straight Up has almost become a curse now as he may never top it.   Dang!  I'm still rooting for him though. 

Archy 2.0- Eh.  Good singer.  16 going on 56.  Why doesn't he do anything for me?  Someone help me out here.

LuckyDuck-  Is he Mormon??  4 brothers and 5 sisters, prayed before his performance last week, has a good work ethic, no whining... all signs point to YES!  I secretly hope no though because his performance tonight was lacking in all categories.  He did have one good long note.  The rest was poop.

Flem Dewyse- He had to go to an alternative high school due to some "bad choices."  And here I was thinking he was just playing the bad boy rocker type.  Oh no, he's legit.  A rebel without a cause, if you will.  I loved  him tonight.  Flat out loved him.  He knows who he is and is comfortable with it and I appreciate that.  I even loved him hitching up his pants mid-performance.   He is also quite humble which is a rare quality in a rocker (he shares that with Daughtry who I adore).   Let's now speculate on what some of his bad choices were.....

Looking at, they have nominated Chocolate Country and LuckyDuck as the worst people on the show.  I have to agree and adjust my predictions accordingly.

Gone: Eric and Dbag.


Landee said...

Yes I posted this at 2:22am. The things I do for you people...

Markie23 said...

Big Mike: Didn't see that coming - incredible performance. Ready for prime time!
Eric: boring, stale, forgettable
Casey: Didn't care for the vocals, but his blues guitar skilz were amazing. I wanted more geetar.
Mullet: Biggest surprise of the night. Not just way better than last week, but actually good.
Todrick: Dead to me.
DBag: Gay, and dead to me.
Andy: Stop break dancing before you hurt yourself - or your heart stops. He played his ace too soon I'm afraid. Very disappointing performance.
LuckyDuck: I hope he's not LDS; we have a nice track record going with the Osmonds, Gladys Knight, and David Arculetta. Let's not screw it up.
Flem Dewyse: I like him and I like the tone of his voice, but srsly Landee, that was NOT a good performance. When you go back and listen to it, you're gonna realize it just wasn't good dog. Pitchy.

Jenny ESP said...

Thanks for getting up so early to post this! That was nice, even tho you didn't center anything.

Spot on tonight. Only thing is, at the end Mullet's paragraph, you forgot to say "Oh yeah, and Jenny was right. I will listen to her next time she tells me who I should root for." Now Mullet is not only likable, but he's also a stand out singer. Best of the night. As for the rest of em, Eric has failed me completely, and Todricky and I don't see eye to eye on things, so they are off my faves list. Casey and Andy are loosing steam. They're this close to getting bumped too. Straight up.

marcikay said...

{warning: random}

I didn't notice, but when I thought I clicked on your blog, I had accidentally clicked on cjane..

I was confused about your talk of practicing the piano and your ample chest size.. and wondered what the heck these had to do with AI..

Is it sad it took me THAT long to realize I wasn't on your blog??

Kim said...

Here's the thing tho Markie. Had latino Gokey NOT played his ace so soon he would never have even made the top 24. NONE of his performances since would have gotten him on. So that's sad. I for realz thought Lucky Duck sounded like he had potential to record something I'd like. So I voted for him out of curiosity and blue sky wishes. yw. Ellen was sooo right tho. He'd rawk it on Glee.

StandsMom said...

Am I the only person who can see that Casey's got a chew in ALL the time? Notice that bump under his bottom lip? See him swallowing and moving his tongue around in his mouth? He even had it in there when he was singing. Casey's hot lookin' now, but that mouth slash throat slash jaw cancer is gonna do a number on him down the road.

eekareek said...

Whoa...I have to say that Andy is totally good enough. Straight up was awesome but so was last weeks as well. And this week was still good. He has a great voice and sounds very unique and hot (just don't look at his face or body). You need to let Straight Up go and just listen to him. Andy, Mullet, and Flem are my favs. And I am right. I am ALWAYS right.

Memzy said...

::chanting:: Mullet and Flem! Mullet and Flem! Mullet and Flem!

Hot Pants said...

I'm with Eeek, I still liked Andy. I also liked Mullet, but I always like mullets. They remind me of the 11th grade. That was a good year for me.